this inter-dimensional work opened new doors for me. i was challenged to look at how i create and what feels nourishing to my soul. starting with a blank canvas and fierce song recommendations; i felt movement and motion. there needed to be an otherworldly flow to this art.

i had some difficultly getting settled into the painting. i was feeling chaotic, slightly overwhelmed and not able to focus.

all set and ready to go

and yet . . . nothing.


the power of om

one of the tracks that was sent by the goddess changed everything. i found myself listening to om, over and over again. at first it was not helping. i was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable.

a track that is over 30 minutes of just om chanting . . .

how was i going to sit with myself for that long?

at that moment, i knew that this om chant was something i needed to lean into completely. fully surrendering into this healing medicine that was sent for me to receive. the resistance that i was feeling was a clear indication that i needed this medicine.

i fell into this chant

feeling it in my soul

i found movement and motion in my body, working out any spaces of tension

and i began to curate my physical space as a creative portal

working through this chant, i found focus and was able to contain the chaos

and still there was more to learn from om

i sat down and let the messages pour through. first from my crown chakra, and then down through my third eye. my throat chakra was next, and then into my heart. after that it was directed out through the nadis in my hand. allowing the messages to pour out from the paintbrush.

i had unlocked the key through the oms




and receiving

doing these things all simultaneously

allowing myself to feel these messages at the core of my subconscious

getting lost in the music

finding movement and motion

staying present



the high priestess was the muse for this art. she asks to create beyond the veil, channeling these deep messages and expressing them in a creative form. when the wheel of fortune revealed these beautiful circles, full of movement and motion. there was something so entrancing about this card. i felt called to reflect this energy into my art. numerology was a key ingredient in this. the number 10 was repeated through many cards. with different forms of circular imagery i was able to bring numbers to life.

with each symbol i received, i intentionally worked them into my art.

when it came to reworking the background, i called upon the deck for guidance. i received the magician. the follow up card being strength. i had to laugh. of course it was going to take strength and magic to alter this. channeling this energy and the rework went beautifully. this was an intricate part of the message being brought forth.




painting and transmuting

layering and listening

creating depth

i was able to come together within myself

becoming a better channel my creative power

i found strength in this form of healing

a place where there are no expectations, where i am able to remove all judgments and just become one.

mindfully meditating

focusing on nothing

and losing myself in the sounds

i am no longer hearing with my ears

i am listening with my entire soul


movement and motion

get lost in the music that inspired this piece

each song holds a key to the message revealed in the art piece. the playlist has been intentionally curated as a reflection of my time working with this goddess energy.

choose to follow my journey or hit shuffle and let the goddess guide you


please contact me on social media if you are interested in purchasing the painting 

Published by Krynne Khrønic

welcome to my magical world of art and spirita psychedelic abstract experience, asking you to take a deep dive into your own subconscious. through music and spirit, i find inspiration, messages and guides. letting the art breathe and move with is my hope that through my art, you are able to find your own forms of healing and peace.

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