The Edge of the Status Quo


How beautiful it is when we allow ourselves to drop the resistance. 

When we allow ourselves to put aside the automated stories

Like our healthy likes, and PG wants 

Our sugar-coated dreams.

You know… the “best of” reel that maintains our place as normal with others.

Maybe just enough of a rebel to be admired as a Dreamer 

But still safe and stable enough to sit on the edge of the status quo.


You know that sweet spot in society. 

That place where you’re noticed, but not feared. 

Not YET a threat. 

Adorable even…with your silly talks energy and manifestation. 


A few who are drawn to the edge like you, they SEE you. 

And the Seers live vicariously through you.

Waiting for you to fall off the edge and fly so they know it’s possible.

“Tell me what it’s like on the other side,” they say, silently, as to not turn the baffled eyes of society on them.


The Watchers, they don’t see you. 

They believe they do but they are just watching and waiting for that moment you free yourself so they can label you as crazy. 

Huhh…no longer a Dreamer, eh?

Because you’ve gone too far

Too far away from that never-comfortable spot you held on the edge of the status quo

For way too long.


But, how beautiful it is to become free? 

To not give a shit about the stories you tell because they are real, and they are growth, and they are Love. 



Free to share the horror stories you hid out of shame

And give life to the dreams you knew they’d label as reckless – only alive while you slept. 

Your sensual preferences of an acquired nature – once kept secret to remain submissive, now owned with anticipation. 

Weird, and finally okay with it. 

Crazy… ha! What’s crazy is…


To believe that you are the only one who wants to see life differently than the stories they’ve fed you,

Because you know so much juicy, unexplainable, playfully magical shit has been left out.

Because they know the power it will give you to know that you are actually the one in control of your reality. 

Because you know you have a CHOICE and you don’t have to choose to eat the Fear anymore.


What’s crazy is to believe that it’s okay to stay silent and just die quietly when there is so much unspoken scratching to come through you. 

Such a powerful voice to be shared not just with your mouth but through your expression, 

your creativity, 

your actions, 

your Spirit… 

Your purpose.

Because – You. Are. A. Threat. 


What’s crazy is to settle down into that square box that even though you’ve somehow managed to paint fuchsia, you still feel pressured to keep it balanced with conformity, and sit unremarked on the edge of the status quo.

How barbaric of a society to acknowledge the existence of imagination but shun those who dare use it to Dream.

Who choose to use it to escape and create a reality built on Love.

Built on passion!

To think it’s natural to hide behind false identities to fit in is insane!!

But yet, the majority accepts this and even expects this. 

How sad that the Seers may never find their wings. 

And the Watchers might ever only watch. 

And the Dreamers always be labeled as crazy. 


What’s crazy is to believe you are different and you are alone. 

You’re not alone. 

The Watchers – Regular Jane and Simple Betty, are just stuck in their old stories. Afraid to tell new ones – true ones. 

Afraid to be seen and possibly shunned from others also afraid to be seen and possibly shunned. 

Afraid to eat from a plate seasoned without the familiar taste of fear. 

Maybe your flight will inspire them. 

But frankly, you couldn’t care less because that’s what it means to be free. 


There’s nothing more peaceful than falling off the edge of the status quo, into blissful uncertainty. 

For only there can you truly feel peace. 

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I am a certified Spiritual & Life Coach and a Human Design reader in training. My mission is to Activate Women on their journey to becoming healthy, wealthy, and in love (with themselves).  My words are Art & Medicine. They are the tools I use to share who I am and what I am here to do in this lifetime. I use my voice to empower the Divine Feminine to choose Herself, for only then will she create a life that will support her as her truest self. I use my words to help her to remember…and to forget.

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