chaos color energy

creating this piece within the energy of the lunar eclipse full moon in scorpio was challenging.

the art demanded to be created with an intensity and power.

i had to listen deeply, and hear what was layered throughout the chaos, fully surrendering to the space.

letting go and letting it flow.

allowing the colors to dance and play together

watching how the piece would change, with the addition of each color.

knowing that each color and every paint stroke is there because i was guided to place it there.



the ace of swords brings an intense amount of mental clarity, and also new beginnings.

after pulling this card, i made the decision that this was not the right direction for this piece.

i knew that i was trying to force something that did not want to be created.

the 5 of cups was exactly the guidance i needed to let it all go, and begin again.

i took a deep breath, and then took a couple more.

choosing the darkest color from the palette and began covering up my work.

it got messy and ugly, but it felt natural; like this was what i was supposed to be creating in the first place.

my mental picture was becoming a reality.

i sat with the energy of the page of coins and the hanged man for quite some time.

they represent a quiet freedom.

the page bringing a flowing power, while the hanged man asks for a gentle pause.

the time to reflect before painting again.

they served as a mindful reminder to take dance breaks and quiet moments

a reminder to just be.

strength kept me going.

this was an intense piece to create and took time to complete. especially with the stop start rhythm i found myself needing to create in.

this card kept motivation flowing and inspiration burning.

the fool, the confirmation that i needed to wrap this painting up. i wisely listened to this guidance and finished the painting.



authenticity of self

finding strength within my self.

understanding myself on a deeper level.

colorfully flowing in something so chaotically beautiful.

spending time reflecting on the emotions and thoughts surrounding my art. 

so many different questions forming in my brain, swimming in my thoughts.

i found myself asking,

am i proud to be me?

it took time and work to get myself to this point.

to the point where my eyes get misty when i listen to the truth i embody by living authentically.

i am proud of myself.

i am living authentically and this art piece is proof of this.


letting go and letting it flow

i would get deep into the flow of the painting and suddenly a bop would start playing.

obviously, i had to get up and dance it out.

it made me take my eyes away for a few moments.

a chance to refocus and settle my energy.

these moments of mindful movement had me feeling so good.

not all of the music on the playlist is like that.

at times, i was met with quite a bit of sadness.

some songs held so much pain within the notes.

i felt an incredible amount of empathy and it would become overwhelming energetically.

i just had to let it go, and cry.

this display of authentic self,

in a time where their lifestyle was shamed.

paving the road for future generations.


this playlist is curated to be listened to khrønologically.

please enjoy the evolution of pride.


if you are interested in purchasing this piece, please message me on social media



Published by Krynne Khrønic

welcome to my magical world of art and spirita psychedelic abstract experience, asking you to take a deep dive into your own subconscious. through music and spirit, i find inspiration, messages and guides. letting the art breathe and move with is my hope that through my art, you are able to find your own forms of healing and peace.

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