How do you love your body?

healing our relationship with body

The journey of self love is often times regarded as a spiritual inner journey. However, since we are humans in this experience– it is imperative that we exude that love and value that we hold within to extend to our physical body. Our body communicates with us in each and every moment. For those of us who have experienced childhood trauma, it may not feel as natural to be aware of this communication. From the quiver of your lower back or the silent dry ache in your throat, we often ignore these very vital signs that our body needs us to interact with it. To give it water, nourishment, a loving touch or a healing acknowledgement; all foundational sensory tools many of us simply have never indulged in.

What does your relationship with your physical body really look like? If it stops at just internally thinking about affirming words then I invite you to take it to the next step. We all need to start somewhere and keep that dialogue with our bodies open. How does our body feel when we have not prioritized eating at least 3 nutritional meals a day, hydrated ourselves and moved our body throughout the day? Probably not that great. If we are not careful, this can become a bad habit of neglecting our bodies and overtime, it just becomes a culture – a tradition even.

How do you want to nurture a healthy and thriving relationship with your body? What does that look and feel like?

For me, it has been a journey of realizing how stuck my mind had been in survival mode that I did not prioritize how my body feels. I would feel my tummy rumbling and simply ignore it to continue working or anything other than just pausing and eating. I now have timers, calendar blocking and use other methods to completely rewire my brain to think and follow through with the relationship I want to create with my body. It is something that has to be intentional and prioritized because we are not just a consciousness, beloved. We are human.

Take another look at the relationship you’re currently have with your body and maybe it’s time to step it up a notch.



Gigi Banks

Angela Quijada-Banks is an Award-winning author recognized by NAACP IMAGE AWARDS with an Outstanding Literary work nomination. As a certified holistic health coach she supports spiritual women in business to prioritize their health & prevent chronic burnout, heal iron deficiency anemia and clear their acne. She is the founder of Soulful Liberation, a movement to liberate ones self and community. As a transformational speaker and artist she has impacted thousands with a message to alchemize pain to purpose and power. Her new book is set to be released March 2023.

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