this is my experience of light body activation.

creating this as a blend of creative expression, divination and healing work.

this journey spans two rounds of the playlist.

one being the initial release, and the other a chance to intentionally sit with each chakra.


root chakra



i am complete

i am in touch with my body

i let go of any burdens

i am supported

i have everything i need

i have a right to take up space

i belong


this chakra feels supported and decently balanced.

there was an ease when connecting into this space.

but i found feelings of reservation from this chakra, like energy was being held back.

these mantras brought forth emotional reactions from deep within.

creating a mirror of the bodywork that i have been doing, i knew that they were spoken for me to hear.

a strong connection was formed with the mantra: “i have the right to take up space.”

reminding myself that hearing this on a consistent basis would push me forward.

i have the right to take up as much space as i need to.

i have big energy, and it can’t quite be contained anymore.



when it came to pull a card for this chakra, i asked the deck: “what is root chakra telling me?”

the 3 of pentacles, or the chili pepper, was brought forth.


“When you reach out and taste the fruit of experience, whatever was holding you back begins to thaw. Your own terms become more fluid and the wisdom of what you have learned is forevermore peppered through the duration of your life. when you stir your limits you become a more seasoned human being. the potent flavor you add to your surroundings, like chili, must be tempered. Too much can ruin a dish, but too little is worse.”


this card speaks to my need to go beyond simple earthing.

how can i spice up my connection with the earth?

looking for deeper ways to ground myself, and mixing up the energy of the root.

remembering the cautionary tale of the chili pepper.


sacral chakra



i am fluid

i am living a pleasured life

i allow creativity to flow freely

i am accepting of my needs

i am accepting of my wants

i move with life

my sexuality is sacred

it is safe to express myself

i honor my emotions

i am enough


when i started the sacral chakra, there were deep wounds that called to be healed.

there was release and it got messy.

tears were shed, and emotions were felt to the core of my being.

as i began the second round, the energy was more free, more talkative and i felt less pressure.

the painting felt playful, like we understood each other a little better.

there was so much new energy and space to breathe, things were starting to move more freely.

with all the room for newness, i chose these affirmations, because i felt that they would integrate well into my life.

the direction that they point me in feels nourishing

i am enough is an affirmation that i use everyday. it is a gentle reminder that i am always enough.

tuning in and feeling those emotions i was able to lean into that power.



the trunk of swords came to me simply by listening.


“the clearest intellects, like the uppermost branches of the forest canopy, are the first to catch and to reflect the morning sun. to mystify others is simple, but to bring clarity in someone else’s mind is a difficult task. check if what you seek to fix should be solved by words or action. sometimes we forget that the greatest remedy might to be to not do anything at all.”


the sacral chakra is where my stress and anxieties are stored.

this card is the reassurance that i don’t need to always worry about the correct reply or the right thing to say, sometimes it is better to let it go.

a strong mind card for a lower chakra.

a reflection on how thoughts can create these stressful situations, even when there is nothing going on.

the trunk is strong.

it represents the need to stand in my power and take control of my mind.

better thoughts create a more full self and life.


solar plexus chakra



i am my own authority

i am confident in my identity

i honor myself

i show up for myself

i stand up for myself

i choose myself

courage flows through me

i am alive


healing old wounds with this rich and vibrant violet paint.

there was a feeling of familiarity and knowing some of this energy got stuck from the shakeup that i had in the sacral chakra.

the rhythm of each tone in this section of the chakra really resonates with me.

something about them felt differently to me than the previous experience.

lots of energy was expelled through tears when listening to these affirmations.

an understanding in myself that self-esteem issues are being healed.

choosing myself over others has been a struggle for me

putting the needs of others before taking care of myself.

i am learning and growing.

i fill my cup and spend time taking care of my needs.

this chakra showed up differently than i thought it would, but i am so happy that it did.



as i was shuffling the deck for the solar plexus, the 7 of swords popped out before i had the chance to ask a question.


“uncertainty is no reason to give up. those who extend into the unknown learn that going out on a limb isn’t easy, but that’s where the fruit is. instinct pushes back against exploring the new. in order to gain confidence, you must do what you are afraid to do. use that fear to nourish your courage, opening yourself to the unimaginable.”


trusting my intuition and letting that be my guide.

when another mind card shows up in the lower chakras, it is a symbolic representation of energic issues being caused by intrusive thinking.

sitting with this energy and letting some of the abundant heart energy to flow into this space.

healing the solar plexus chakra.

letting myself know that i no longer have to live in fear.

i can let it all go and fully relax into love.


heart chakra



i am compassionate

i choose love


my heart expands to all

i allow myself to make mistakes

i am not afraid to love

i am in touch with my inner child


getting lost in the tones, the music, the paint.

feeling totally relaxed in this space.

taking a deep breath

and letting it all out.

feeling my heart open and more energy is allowed to flow through.

clear energy, new energy mixing with the old.

creating something fresh.

basking in this state of pure love.

allowing myself to fully surrender into this energy.

letting it flow through all of me.

the heart brought up so many emotions – good ones.

how each of these affirmations resonate.

how i feel love.

how i lead with love.



tuning into the heart chakra, the 10 of pentacles was revealed to me.


“what people see in you is not measured by your wallet, but by the way you use it. one might consider the ultimate use of abundance to be potentiating love. transmuting gold into kindness will ensure that you will live immortally in the glowing respect of others.”


this card is a true testament to the transformational healing journey that i have been on.

the 10 of pentacles is filled with abundance, exactly like my heart.

radiating outward to the word, and inward through the chakras.

i have spent time investing into myself, and it shows.


throat chakra



i believe in myself and my voice

i love to smile

i am able to say no when it is necessary

i recognize the power of my voice

i know the power of my words

i do not assume

i have the words i need

my voice matters


before i even began painting, my eyes began getting misty.

this chakra showed up as a quiet expression

there was not as much to say as compared to the others.

finding space clearing my mind of things left unsaid.

promising myself to speak up

relaxing into the tones, the music.

relaxing myself into expression,

sitting with the affirmations and allowing them each to help my throat chakra.

letting it heal old wounds.

understanding its power.

finding confidence in speaking up.

in expressing myself.



asking the throat chakra, “what do you need to tell me?”

i was sent the wisdom of trunk of pentacles or kauri.


“kauri is known to Maori as ‘the great protector of the forest.’

holding yourself present generates a state of power that will remain firm in your core, allowing you to continue thriving.”


i like this energy for the throat chakra.

feeling powerful,

feel stable,

and feeling recently rediscovered.

i have always had a loud voice, one that can command a room.

through challenging experiences, i found that i lost that voice.

the trunk is the foundation of the rediscovery.

i can hear my voice getting louder,

staying present

and not getting lost in my mind.

speaking up when i need to and reclaiming my trunk in this energetic space.


third eye chakra



i am clear

i am a conscious creator of my own reality

i choose to be an awakened individual everyday

my perception and understanding are constantly expanding

my thoughts are powerful therefore i choose them wisely

i contemplate the beauty around me

i will always be true to myself

i can see the bigger picture

i am a being of light and love


i found a little space to work again with my throat chakra,

blending some of the third eye energy into the throat.

flowing freely and transforming the old stagnant old energy of the throat.

allowing the old wounds to heal.

this energy is so abundant and the throat needs more help.

feeling this loving power because i am transforming this energy with my chakra centers.

i found that the affirmations that i found myself gravitating towards those that could also give my throat a boost.

while i completed the second round, i was focused on channeling and directing it downwards.



while i was shuffling the deck, the star popped out at me. speaking the wisdom of the opium poppy.


“hope itself is a star, unseen during the days of abundance. only to be found in the long dark nights of adversity. so if you must cry, shed tears solely with joy, because only when it is dark can you see the stars.”


i am blown away with the accuracy of this card.

i have cried many times during the third eye.

i cry because i am happy.

i have released, transformed and have been able to return to myself.

to be able to get to a place where i feel so authentically good about who i am and where i am going.


crown chakra



i am fully awake in every moment of my life

i honor my highest self

i have a divine purpose and calling on this earth

i invite sacred transformation in my life

the universe fully supports me

i seek joy in the little things

i am not what happened to me, i am what i choose to be


the feeling of knowing that this is the last chakra is exhilarating.

i have transformed so many times creating this piece.

allowing each chakra to show up as it needed to.

letting each one release, and create space.

gazing at this piece, i feel so calm

it is a visual representation of transformation and release.

i am one with myself.

i feel the chakras fully working together.

the energy moving so freely.



channeling into the deck, i found the 9 of pentacles in my hand.


“fall back into your center, radiating in ecstasy. devotion to moving forward is when you tap life’s positive and free flowing energy. unwinding is only possible when we are at one with ourselves.”


i have no words.

what a beautiful card to represent my crown.

the openness, the free flowing energy feels exactly where i am at currently.

i can feel the divine energy pouring through my crown chakra and distributing that abundance through the rest of the chakras.

understanding and becoming more connected to the divine



this process has shaken up so many areas of my life, in a good way.

i don’t feel like i am taking a back seat to driving my life – i am the main character.

i feel so in tune.

so aligned.

laying it all out on canvas.

feeling all the feels.

allowing myself to dive this deep within myself.

taking this time to tune in, especially after retrograde and during the full moon.

i was able to find the stagnant energy ,and the energy that was plentiful.

using the tones, the vocals, the rhythms.

tuning into my energy centers.

watching the process unfold.

feeling a difference in my body and my energetic field.

hearing my voice differently.

noticing that i am standing a little taller, more confidently.

i am incredibly grateful for this healing journey that i have taken myself on.

i feel clearer,

flexible and adaptable.

taking this time to dive deep within myself

listening and letting emotions to flow out and be transmuted into something beautiful.

letting things get messy and dark

releasing the need to control,

and allowing creativity to come through as it needs to.


experience light body activation

feel free to explore this playlist however you feel called.

let it move through the wheels of your chakras.

clearing away the old,

and making room for the new.


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