The Sex Energy Goddess Remembers

What’s it like to live in fear?

Fear of being of who you are?

Fear of being harmed for who you are?

Fear of living, breathing, being in this body?

It’s hell, it’s torture, it’s pain.

Living with shame, guilt, and deep sadness of the past.

Living with expectations of what has never happened and what already has.

Feeling like you have to protect your entire being just to keep living.

To bulldoze right past yourself to please others so that you can be safe,

So that you can be loved,

So that you can be seen,

So that you don’t have to fear because you are giving in.

Giving in to the story you’ve been fed,

Giving in to not trusting yourself and your body,

Giving in to releasing control,

Giving in to never feeling again.

How could you? When you have ignored all the signs that pointed to no.

The ones that told you to go,

The ones that told you not him,

The ones that warned you that you were in danger.

The signs begin to blur when you have forgotten to remember.

Remember how to feel,

Remember to trust yourself,

Remember to listen to your body,

Remember your awareness.

It has been there all along

Patiently waiting for you to catch on.

Waiting for you to release the fear,

Release the greatest story every told,

Release the emotions you held for so long in your womb, in your yoni, in your heart.

It is time to let go.

It is time to come back home..

To yourself, 

To who you are,

To who you came here to be,

To be true to yourself,

To create a new story.

One riddled with love,

With freedom,

With joy,

With pleasure,

With orgasmic life.

You are everything you need and more.

Remember who you are:


Sex energy.









You are love in its purest form.

You are reborn.


About Sarah the Goddess

Sarah the Goddess is an Intuitive Creative, Intuitive Coach, empath, natural energy healer, and intuitive herbalist. She is very passionate about guiding others in remembering and tapping back into their power to be the God(dess) that they are. She does this through her writing, singing, dancing, music, art, and her coaching. Through these mediums she is able to go into Trance and tune deeper into herself, the universe, and the world around her, as well as share messages for others.

Through her own healing journey, Intuitive Creative Expressions was born. She holds space for spiritual creatives and those interested in creating as a healing modality to authentically express all of their emotions. She guides people through this process through creativity, emotional alchemy, and healing tools such as meditation, shadow work, inner child work, and Past Impact Work©.

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