My body is the housing to my spirit, my soul, my existence on earth’s
realm. It helps me express my feelings in its posture, in the way that I walk
and even in hand expressions when I talk. My body is almost like an
interpreter in the way it helps me speak.

My body is like a friend that I mistreated for so many years and one day
was ready to break our friendship because I treated it so poorly. My body
called out for help in the form of asthma, high blood pressure and even
cancer. My doctor had to intervene and let me know if I didn’t change my
ways, my body and I would be parting ways. It took me two years to get it
together. My BFF (My Body) and I went vegan and said Bye-Bye to asthma,
high blood pressure and the lack of desire to work-out. We became a
kickboxing beast! We were fit, had sick speed and became obsessed with

It felt so good to treat my body right! I had energy, I was running to the dojo
instead of the urgent care for breathing treatments and I looked amazing!
Two years later cancer was found! We weren’t afraid because Spirit spoke
to us and told us we’d be fine! It was skin cancer, but by the Blessing of
The Most High, it did not spread to the lymph nodes. I learned how to better
care for my body so I started reversing the cancer with natural
supplements, and a month after the cancer was found we had surgery and
only pre-cancerous cells were found. We are in full remission with full faith
that it will NEVER return.

After all that I was getting back on track with kickboxing and healthy living,
then, we discovered I have an autoimmune disease, but I’ve been so good
to my body it didn’t allow the crippling flare ups my blood test showed I
should be having. I do however have joint pain and have to take it easy. My
doctors tell me to keep living a healthy lifestyle, just not as the kickboxing
diva I was. So I made adjustments in my workouts and the last blood test
showed my numbers reversing! I can’t wait to see my results next week! My
body and I love stumping doctors as we heal naturally!

Now I am dairy free and only eating fish and poultry to better fuel my body.
I realized my body needed more than plant protein so I listened to it. I fell
back into some ugly eating habits and put weight back on and asthma is
now popping in and out of my life again but not as bad as before. With the
weight gain also came insecurities I never had before. Those insecurities
lead me to do what I never thought I’d EVER do! I got liposuction to my
whole midsection. I thought I was being cute! Over 40 and wanting to be
sexy for whatever man I may end up with. Now I’m sitting here with scars,
scars from my hysterectomy, cancer surgery and now from the lipo!
I wish I kept my focus on treating my body as my BFF and not my enemy!
I’m working on not looking back at the things I shouldn’t have done but
focusing on the love and respect I gave my body and how my body
returned the favor by being strong and energetic while we live this thing
called life.

I’m still working on fighting the cravings for bad foods, but my body and I
are still friends and no longer enemies! We enjoy our new journey, walking
increasing our distance every week. We started at ¾ of a mile and now we
are at 3.5 and starting to feel strong and sexy again. Like I said it’s a
journey, but my body and I are worth it. Love your body and your body will
love you back! Accept your body as long as you are healthy and happy.
That’s all that matters, don’t be hard on yourself, own your journey and

Golden Amber


Golden Amber is a Spiritual, Mind, Body & Wellness Practitioner, and Spiritual Minister. She is a triple Leo working on her roar! Walking, running and many times falling on the journey called life! She speaks and expresses herself from a place of love and strong intuition. She even expresses for others when she absorbs their energy.

13Moons asked…

What was your inspiration behind this story?

Golden Amber: My journey with my body inspired me for this piece. Learning to love it unconditionally and getting love back from it.

What was one of the most surprising things you’ve learned about yourself through your creative projects?

Golden Amber: I learned that I actually have talent and a broad imagination. In music I learned how strong of an empath I am and how deep my intuition goes when I write for singers. I’m able to tap in and express their feelings better than they can.

What is your favorite part of creating?

Golden Amber: Leaving my stress and exploring my world of creativity.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given as a Creative?

Golden Amber: Just be you!

Golden Amber


IG: @Zenobiaspath

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