Tenets of the Thriving Sensitive in Business

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Success for the Sensitive requires rewiring old beliefs around work habits that were designed to harvest us, such as overworking, prioritizing work over health, and even the glorification of endless ambition to compete for clout.

For us, we must remember that our thriving health makes us the magnet of the abundance we wish to experience. We do not force, sacrifice, or override our body’s guidance. We live integrated. Fluid.

We live in the flow of thriving health and trust as all things align as divined.

Flashback with me through a few minutes from Success for Sensitives: an Introduction to The FREE Model to explore four tenets of the THRIVING Sensitive in business.


1. Self-care is your #1 business strategy.

There is no such thing as being too busy for self-care!



2. We move smooth with integration.

When Sensitives live integrated lives, our magic flows!



3. Authenticity is everything everywhere.

We show up REAL and cultivate REAL relationships.



4. We work on all the dimensions.

We are not meant to exist at 3D alone.


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