Get free with The FREE Model

Are you sticking out a stifling ass job, day in and day out when you know you’re supposed to be out here doing something else with your life?

Do you feel your talent wasted where you spend most of your day?

Do your supervisors respect you?

Or worse, do they degrade you?

Are you aching to make real impact and influence in healing ways, but your nine-to-five (or equivalent) stays in the way of your motivation?

Look. I feel you. I have been there, and I See you.

Not just your situation. But you. I know your magic. I know the potency of what you can do – what you came to do.

And I believe in you.

So much that I have changed my entire business and offerings to focus on helping Sensitive-Creatives like yourself get FREE of shitty bosses, meager paychecks, and stifling work politics – not to mention all them isms we have to learn to swallow silently all day to stay paid in those spaces…

Nah, Cuz. Let’s not do that. You don’t have to do that.

You are a magical fuckin beastress and the world needs what you’re here to bring.  And I believe I can help you adapt your natural gifts to sustain yourself and your family, simply by prioritizing your own thriving health and sharing about the things you love most.

I believe in you so much, I’ve created platforms, structures, and strategies to help you make this your reality.

In 90 Days to FREEdom, I will show you The FREE Model and how to adapt your offerings to begin translating content for 13MOONS Magazine into ongoing paid partnership with your ideal clients and students.

These 12 weekly video modules will show you how to set up a business model that leverages our platforms to help keep you paid for the content you’re sharing with us each cycle.

90 Days to FREEdom is perfect for Creators with healing and/or education practices who are ready to THRIVE from offering out your unique medicine into the world – and stay paid to do so.

I’ve created two pathways to help meet you at just the right level of support you desire:


The Solo Stream ($99/mo for 3 months) gives you access to all 12 weekly modules + companion materials including Trancework Guided Journeys, workbooks, PLUS:

  • Membership in the Study Hall Village on fb


The Mentorship Stream ($333/month for 3 months) offers access to all 12 modules and companion materials PLUS:

  • 3 live 60-minute one-on-one Integration Sessions
  • 3 live 90-minute group Study Hall Workshops
  • Membership in the Study Hall Village on fb




Enroll in 90 Days to FREEdom before Sunday, to unlock

Sign up to the Dark Moon Stream to stay up on updates about the upcoming LIVE Study Hall workshop – the perfect place to ask questions and get support adapting The FREE Model to your unique offerings. Open to the public

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