Sex, who doesn’t enjoy talking about it? What a wonderful and divine gift. But have you ever really sat and contemplated on what makes sex a spiritual practice? 

Well, let’s talk about it! 

Many of our ancestors knew the sacredness and divinity of sex. They knew it brought them closer to God and they embraced it as a Spiritual practice, and nothing less. So in this writing we will discuss why Sex is a sacred and spiritual practice. 

Sex is the means in which souls from the astral plane can enter the physical plane. Thus it is obvious that Sex opens up a portal. A portal into the astral plane which the souls or energies from the astral plane can then enter and influence the physical plane. 

Now before we go any further it is important we understand how the high velocities of the astral plane manage to influence the (s)lower velocities of the physical plane. The difference between their velocities makes it impossible for them to directly influence one another. Thus it is essential that electromagnetic energy be present and act as a medium between the two planes. 

Everything has electromagnetic energy. In minerals it’s called mineral magnetism. And in humans it’s called personal magnetism. Such electromagnetic energy is the life force flowing through our nervous system. It is the force pulsing in our hearts and when we pass into the astral plane, so too does the electromagnetic energy connecting our soul to our body start to diminish. 

Now back to Sex. 

The sex organs are known to be the most sensitive aspects of humans. The clitoris and the glands or tip of the penis have immense amounts of nerve endings in such concentration that when stimulated, generate great amounts of electromagnetic energy. Women are typically more magnetic and men more electric by nature. When they engage in sexual union, the result of such union creates an electromagnetic vortex which manifests in both the physical and astral plane. 

Through the electromagnetic bridge which they’ve created together, they then become subconsciously closer to the astral plane then they would be any other time. The harmony between the two individuals, both at the time of sex and in general, determines the harmony of the energy the vortex they’ve created will attract. If they lack harmony, then the energy will manifest in their life as discord. 

The man sets the vigor of the energy attracted according to how intense and fertile he is during the time of Sex. Meanwhile the woman sets the overall constitution of the energy attracted according to how intense and fertile she is during the time of union. If they lack intensity then the energy or even soul attracted will reflect in the child as poor health, not just physically but psychologically as well. 

The emotions and thoughts between the two sets up the overall characteristics of the energy they will attract. If the intentions between the two individuals is of low morality, then so too will the energy or in some cases, child reflect such poor morality. But if the intentions set by the individuals at the time of union is pure then the energy they attract will be reflective of that purity. 

Sexual energy in of itself is highly psychic and we can accomplish so much spiritually through the cultivation of sexual energy. Yet the opposite is also true and by lacking knowledge of our sexual nature we can be taken advantage of and unknowingly participate in relinquishing our sexual energy. The essence of our being. 

Consider reading the book, “Know Your Magnetic Field,” by William E. Gray – the book will help you gain a fundamental understanding of the electrical currents flowing through your nervous system. And if you are interested in learning more from my knowledge and wisdom, definitely join the Facebook Group SoullySpiritualServices, and feel free to like the page!


Hey my name is Soully, and I’m a Hermetic Astrologer and Alchemist! I originally came from Africa, and was born in a city called Ndjamena. My pilgrimage to America was a very enriching experience. Similar to my travel from one land to another on this physical plane, I traveled a far ways from my desired universal abode as well, just so I can be of service. It is through my God given teaching abilities which I serve and have assisted so many beautiful souls.  I am of the Mercury trend and am greatly blessed with both great intuitive and research abilities as shown by the Decans of my Sun and moon which are the Sun in the research decan of Gemini and my moon in the intuitive decan of Gemini and to top things off, my ascendant belongs to the Experience decan of the sign Virgo. All these signs are governed by Mercury, the planet of Education amongst many other things. Such energies from my Sun allow me to be well researched and scientific in my approach on knowledge. Such energies from my moon allow me to channel great deals of information from the akashic records, and topping it off, such energies from my ascendant sign bring me plenty of experiences in which my knowledge is then transformed into wisdom. The most notable of my experiences is my return from death in which having endured a bullet wound which entered my chest and found it’s exit through my lower back and left me in critical condition. Later due to the criticalness of my condition, I flat lined, died and got to witness the life beyond the grave in real-time and HD for myself. Considering I truly came here with intent to serve, I was allowed an opportunity to return in which medical science was unable to explain it no more then a miracle. I am a Hermetic Astrologer and developing student of the Hermetic Alchemies.

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