But Are You Sexy Though

What Is sexy? Some view sexy as a body type, some view it as the way a person carries themselves, and some view it as a frame of mind. Then there are some that tie it ALL in together. Who’s right and who’s wrong?

Is skinny sexy or is curvy? Is sexy small or large? Is sexy ditsy or smart? Is sexy shy or confident? Is sexy subtle or BOLD? Truth is there are NO guidelines for sexy, sexy has NO recipe! Sexy is YOU!! Sexy is how you feel! Sexy is how you view yourself! Accept you for you and that my friend is SEXY!!

When you love and accept yourself for you, you are in position to own your sexy. You can be 5’10″, 130lbs, no boobs or ass and be sexy! You can be any height and 300lbs and be sexy! You can be dumb as a box of rocks or the smartest person on the planet and be sexy! It comes from within! Not from society! Society can NOT tell you the level of value you hold, therefore society can NOT tell you or anyone else if you can be called or viewed as sexy!

We all need to do ourselves a favor and learn to love and accept ourselves so much that no one can tell us a damn thing about ourselves! I challenge you now to go to a mirror look yourself in the eyes and say, “You are one sexy beast! And I love you! There is NOTHING I wouldn’t do for you! I choose you over everyone else, because that is not a selfish act but it is an act of self-love and I deserve to love myself. This will keep me happy, healthy, and be an example to teach others how to love me!” I challenge you to say this daily! If you don’t already believe it, once you do I want you to scream it. I want you to sing it! Own these words! Feel free to take this statement and rewrite it to fit you, make it your personalized truth!

It is important that we use mantras (like the statement I had you say) to help you build up your confidence, boost your willpower. Write a new one every time you need a confidence boost, or you feel your willpower has lost its power. The more you say it, the stronger you will be until that issue is resolved. Now let me ask you again, BUT ARE YOU SEXY THOUGH?? YES!! YES, THE HELL YOU ARE!!

Much Love,

Golden Amber


Sexy is YOU!! Sexy is how you feel! Sexy is how you view yourself! Accept you for you and that my friend is SEXY!!



Golden Amber

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I heal with my voice through Hypnotherapy, Counseling and Spiritual Life Coaching. I also use my energy and intuition to heal by way of Reiki and Tarot Reading. Feel free to explore my website for detailed service information and contact info. Be Blessed!




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