loud emotions

feel this art deep in your soul
something that ignites the fire
and tells you that you no longer need to be silent
a chance to let your voice be heard

as i step into this piece, i don’t feel called in the direction of sexy in a “normal” sense of the word.

i step deeper, under the surface.

i feel feminine rage.

a sense of riot.


i am called into action to express this anger into something beautiful.

an expression of emotions that are normally left behind closed doors.

a right to feel that i don’t have to hide them.

something i can stand with – not behind.


truthfully, i don’t know how this will translate into sexy.

i am trusting the process and the emotions that have led me to this paint.

hearing those louder emotions,

and letting them speak.


i will not lower my voice

this piece represents fiery passion.

a passion that won’t stop burning until it is fulfilled.

the fire that burns within.

it represents anger.

and those emotions you’ve been told to hide.

the anger that humans continuously fight the same fights throughout time,

and never learning those lessons after lifetimes of fighting.

the fight for basic human rights for all people.

i am leaning into those angry emotions, and see what they have to teach.

learning how to not silence my voice.




as i move into the next stage of this piece.

it is less about getting out emotions

this was about refining.

adding and accentuating details.

bringing out the special parts that my emotions have revealed to me.

taking these emotions and creating something beautiful.



as i paint, i see this image from the Vietnam war protests.

the flower being placed delicately into a barrel of a gun.

this contrast being war and peace.

machine and nature.


i took white paint and used it to highlight paint strokes.

i see images of glass breaking.

a shattering of limitations that hold us down.

a representation of this uncontrollable force that lies within us all.


i am mesmerized by these lines and colors.

it draws me in and invigorates me.

the calm that blends with the fire.

a flower that is unexpectedly tougher than it appears.


walk the earth


carrying this idea of growth i found throughout this painting,

of taking challenging emotions and growing.

intuitively choosing cards from my earthiest deck.

the colors of these plants drew me in,

a stunning reflection of the paint used in the piece.



the cards bring a quiet understanding of loud emotions.

calendula asking to remember the sunny side of life.

accepting the moment and staying present.

with the brightening properties,

we are able to see clearly what needs to go.

detoxifying what no longer serves us.

and the bearberry brings us the strength to face all this head on,

the bear’s energy, a helper here to bring about balance.

bringing a divine layer of protection.


loud and clear

hear this message and let it right through your being

we are the people

we are the revolution

we are the change we want to see

together, we are strong

we deserve to live on a planet filled with equality and harmony

living in unity with all that inhabit it


our life, our song

let the music take you.

and use it as a tool to express loud emotions.

i found shuffling the playlist ideal for listening.

as always, intuitively listen as you feel called.



please reach out to me on social media if you have tracks that you would like to see on the playlist.

i strive to be as inclusive as i can, and want to help make sure that all voices are represented. 

this art is available for purchase.










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