What do you want in your life that may be blocked by your shadow?

Avoiding the realization that my big creative project (the Cheese Astrology Oracle) needed my dedication, I went on the run emotionally. I escaped with YouTube, video games, naps and more. I procrastinated working on my metaphysical project. And my therapist was away for a week.

At times like that, how do we get back to our brighter, lighter selves?

Stop comparing! That successful, established, best-selling metaphysical authors who is on her ninth or tenth book is at another end of the same solar system.

Ask for help. Look for a reliable friend to be your accountability partner. You can meet twice a month to share 3-5 goals and your intended steps for completion.

Write statements. Affirmations are always helpful, but our shadows often need more. What does your shadow keep you from? Write a page defining what that thing you seek is. Example: Write a page of your own “Progress means” statements, filling each sentence with personal definitions. A page for “What makes me feel powerless or sad” statements is another option.

Don’t Stop. Come back to those statements a day or two later. Read them out loud. Add stars to the ones that resonate. Re-read the starred statements and find the one that stands out to you the most.

That is your way to counterbalance your shadow.

Make it Playful: In Jungian psychology, we can purposely play with the many facets of ourselves. Sitting down with your own shadow may yield helpful results. You can interview it and ask what it needs.

There’s also this excerpt from my book, “Creative Divination: Read Tea Leaves and Develop your Personal Code”—



Our shadow side is that part of ourselves that is most primal, most hungry, and hidden in the shadows — because we are taught to believe that they are malicious or beastly.

While our shadow side is not “presentable”, that basic self will aid us when we deal with it, and gnaw at us when we deny it.

Bottom of the tea cup: Details about your shadow — what you need to know, now

Handle: How your shadow works in your present day

Across from handle: What you need to learn from this right now

Middle of the tea cup: How you and shadow work together

Rim: What you can leave behind, thanking shadow for this lesson

Though some are sharp, the cheeses in my latest manuscript do not bite back. The thing about anyone’s shadow is we sometimes have to take them bite by bite. And meet them where they are. Just as we would meet a friend.



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