Dear Sistar,

Once upon a time not too long ago, I worked in a “real” 9 – 5. Even though my job was to virtually hire and manage people, sometimes my life coaching would spill out and I’d hold space for a soul in need. After a deep conversation with a co-worker, the following flowed out of me onto paper, to share with her – and anyone – who thinks they are alone. You are not alone, Sis. 


Keep holding on

Keep holding on

Keep holding on they keep saying

But the knot on the end of this rope I’m hanging onto is loosening 

And this rope is starting to feel like a thread unwinding

I can’t keep holding on 

And for what?

What will be left of society once we can all firmly put our feet back on the ground?

If we can ever put our feet back on the ground

If we can ever believe that the ground will ever be solid again

It’s why so many have taken the rope and tied it around their necks for escape.

Escaping the “new norm.”

The old norm was only better in hindsight, let’s be honest. 

Or, was it?


I look over and see so many others hanging by the thinnest slither of hope so I know I’m not alone but where’s the comfort in that?

How can I keep finding the strength to hold on,

To be strong?

To encourage others to keep holding on because that’s all I know how to do is…

Keep. Holding. On. 

How do I keep being strong when my own faith is waning?

I look around and know I’m not alone but still I can’t find comfort in that

Not no more.


I’d rather be alone sometimes…

Sometimes I need to know I’m alone so I can just break apart and embrace the sorrow of it all

Because that actually brings some comfort, 

Some connection to myself. 

Some peace. 

We’re becoming so familiar with the unknown. 

But even that unknown keeps shifting and familiar can’t exist really. 

Well, maybe just the familiar feeling of not knowing and maybe never really knowing…

The truth?


The versions of ourselves that we once knew are gone 

But somehow we all think we’ll find those people again.

Our old selves. 

The version of our old friends and family we used to know. 

But it’s all different now. 

We’ve all changed. 

We’ve all been changed.

Some more than others. 

Maybe holding on is actually holding us back and keeping us stuck in the collective pain.

What if we start telling each other…

Just let go.

Just let go.

Let go of needing to stay strong for everyone around you.

Let go of needing to understand it all

Let go of needing to label it

Of needing answers that we may never get

Let go of the fear.

We cannot be afraid any longer. 


Let’s let go of wishing for what was and let’s just look at what is with any morsel of hope we have left

Let’s find an ounce of space to feel safe enough to plant new seeds and grow again. 

Let go of thinking that it will all be over soon, and then you can breathe.

Let’s learn to breathe under the pressure of chaos and uncertainty.

And let’s forgive ourselves and others because none of us know what the fuck we are doing anyway.


Let’s just all let go. 

Maybe that’s how we finally find some peace. 


The shadow side of seemingly encouraging phrases like, “hang in there” and “keep holding on,” is that you are resisting the only way to move forward – surrender. Just let go. 

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About Toni

Dear Sistar is my love letter to the Awakening Woman.

Toni Moné is a certified Spiritual & Life Coach with an interest in Human Design, Astrology & Writing. Her mission is to Activate Women and support them as they awaken to their divine natures, helping them shift limiting perspectives and define life on their own terms! She helps them to embrace their radical truths, express their unique dualities, and create their personal journeys to freedom.

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Toni Moné is a Writer and a certified Spiritual & Life Coach, with an interest in Human Design & Astrology. She is here to activate others,  shift perspectives, and tug at heartstrings. She continues to seek ways to combine her enthusiasm for writing with her passion for serving others, and has done this through her online column - Dear Sistar: My Love Letter to the Awakening Woman,  as well as through her creative writing. Her mission is to guide Women and support them as they awaken to their divine natures, learn to embrace their radical truths, express their unique dualities, and create their personal journeys to freedom.If you're interested in connecting with Toni, you can find her on IG: @tonishamone or email her at

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