Diving right into the heart of the matter today. Shadow work has been my main topic for the past 2 weeks or more and I definitely have been feeling led to share why. I have learned as of late that the healing we’ve done when starting out on all of our specified paths; healing as a topic tends to come up first.


Truthfully many of us embrace it because we come to understand it’s a part of the journey. There is nothing without healing. However, as we grow and evolve we continue to come up on new dimensions (not levels… major difference in power) that causes us to get knocked back on our hunches and do deeper sweeps of cleaning. Each healing that took place on the levels we were on were like college classes (levels) for our majors (dimensional power/purpose)… next level healing are the prerequisites and next dimensional healing is the meat of the matter.


How can one tell the difference…? I am SO glad you asked!
Let me share what I’ve noticed for myself and those closest around me…


When we are on the LEVELS of growth and healing… the process is a lot less daunting, truth be told. Yes, we still get shook but compare level healing to the earthquakes, whereas dimensional healing is like a full on typhoon. Both equally terrifying and necessary, but the levels of power behind it is not the same.


Healing on levels eventually leaves you feeling empowered to move to the next level and create, etc. However… when the healing is in that stasis of dimensional power; that healing tends to take you down a spiral or rabbit hole and have you seeing residue you otherwise would’ve never truly noticed.


The dimensional pockets of growth we are placed in to burst out and glow makes us remember memories, the energy of memories, circumstances and traumas that we otherwise couldn’t on the basic levels we experience when we shift from stage 1 of each dimensional shift.


We go into deep depressions and hermit modes. We become very introverted and distant from the energy of people and our loved ones as a whole. I call it “The cocooning”… it’s that whole butterfly effect and cycle we experience before we can fly. The dark places of our lives and transformation we end up in to fully evolve… to truly spread our wings. Some would even denote this as a true definition of dark night of the soul.


Now I’ve heard & have read multiple times that you only experience one true dark night of the soul… Well I will have to respectfully & disrespectfully disagree. With each new dimensional shift, you experience an internal and universal Saturn return/Dark night of the soul that tends to take place. It is practically inevitable honestly! But I will share this… as overwhelming and soul shifting going through the meat of the matter in your journey is, it is worth it in the end.


I have cried non stop for days healing the cracks that I never knew were in my heart from so much trauma and past pains I experienced as a child and in lifetimes I’ve lived. Talking to my support team and mentors to assist me through the dark holes. Writing out the jumble of emotions and words that stack up like ladders in my being to try and overrun/rack me with titles of guilt, shame, fear, and more. Meditating in my power’s core to help me know that no matter what, I’m fully and truly loved… that I’m never alone.


It truly takes stepping back from being so close to the illusions presented through the healing process to really see where your strength, wisdom, support, love and growth truly lies. Each day I learn the real truth about key, lavish, Kiara and Me (Oversoul). They all make up the components of self and they are not separate in the least bit. This dimensional healing of mine has people worried a bit but be excited… because it’s in this you’ll see me come out and be GREATER than I ever was before… and it’s the same for all of us as a whole.


I love you all and may your path grant you eternal grace with each Dimensional shift you experience towards your Greater!
Ase ✨ ~Lavish

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