Visual & Word Art by Art Girl Shay

Power to the P

Phases. Period. Pussy.

Power to the P

Is to the power of me

Times the power of 3

These phases have a beginning and a middle

But no end

Only start to stop

An end would imply that there will be no “again”

A slow build [to full]

About 28-30 days

Fades to red and black




The extra goes away

Deconstruct to reconstruct

My body begins anew

A new phase

A new period

A new cycle

[A] full moon


Body Portraits by Art Girl Shay


ABOUT Art Girl Shay

My name is Shay Holloway, I am a 28 year old creative from Arkansas. Although I primarily engage in photography and painting, the term “Creative” describes me more than artist because ever since I was a child, I have engaged in my creative energy in almost any way that I could. I come from a small town in Arkansas where not a lot of people get out and push the boundaries in discovering what life can and does hold for them. I attended the University of Arkansas from 2012-2016 where I graduated with a BA in Psychology and Criminal Justice. Initially, I had plans to continue school and eventually get my Doctorates degree but after graduating, I made the decision to give school a break and explore life–I’m grateful for that decision. I have learned a lot about life and the psychology of people through my creative endeavors simply through experience. Although I dabble in other forms of art, for the past 5 years I have painted and done photography and now both of these things are my primary source of income! My path of creativity–my artistic journey–has lead me overseas to display art in Belgrade, Serbia and I am excited to see where, what and who I run into as I continue my journey!


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