Returning to the Scene of a Crime

I remember now,

where I lost myself.

Funny thing is –

I had to get lost to find it.

I mean, me. 

Or maybe the moment.

Both of us, probably.


Who could have known

that at the tender age of five

my innocence 

would be stolen

by a man 

with a broken body and warped mind?

Maybe someone did know, 

but they kept quiet.


I could not have guessed 

that it would take a yod. 

I mean, it was a literal smack from god

hand-delivered to my vexed life 

that sent me spiraling backward 

into the waiting darkness.


All of my secrets 

lay buried in the dust of time.

My footfalls 

kicked up puffs of silent inquiry.

Denizens blinked and stretched and yawned

at me, the old newcomer, 

and wondered 

what took me so long to return?


Image courtesy of Pixabay. Free for commercial use. No attribution required.


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