a space of blank consciousness

staring at this space of white paint.

i am called and drawn to cards.

intentions and musings.

before asking anything, justice flew out

then the knight of pentacles

and again with the hermit.



justice, brings balance to the other cards.

asking that i remain in a beautiful balance,

of light and dark.

the knight of pentacles, with his heavy horse.

a gentle reminder of the weight i carry in shadows.

the hermit, guiding the journey inward.

his light illuminating the shadows.

the cards speak loud and clear,

telling a story i need to hear


swimming in shadows



letting my hands speak, i translate these stories

emerging shadows

ideas transmuting

this darkness emerged forward

a place that demands to be felt

changing at every angle

this translation of shadowy musical energy

energy learned

energy gained

energy found

energy felt

embracing these edges

the deeps drops

facing them without fear

finding myself in this place of shadows


while painting, i could feel the music.

seeing it played out before me.

allowing the energy to come through my paintbrush, like a conductors wand.

leading the music along.

a full surrender to my creation.

seeing colors, these rich tones i was painting with – not just the black paint i was using.

i was painting rainbows and music.

tuning out and becoming one with this connection.


full expression, no floodgate



no longer is there a blank canvas of consciousness

a space filled with darkness and shadows is before me

filled with twists, turns and sharp edges

the white paint brings light

welcoming me in a warm embrace

taking soft turns

working small details

creating dimension

illuminating shadows

moving and flowing


i found myself working at a much slower pace.

the brush strokes, each becoming more intentional.

losing myself in the water,

the tones,

the paint.

allowing this strong water energy to be brought forth in full expression.

integration of shadows and sunshine.


shadows and sunshine



creative happiness

energetic warmth


the warm sunshine yellow that surrounds me feels good.

this journey into the shadows wasn’t dark or gloomy.

instead, i found myself in this warm, wonderful journey inward.

it is a process of being able to understand myself better.

loving myself deeper.

i have such a deep love for these shadows.

at one time, they protected me.

my job is to heal them,

and set them free.

i take my energy inward and outward,

what i put into this world,

i put back into myself.

i fill myself with this warm sunshine energy.


shadow work is love work



the lovers card speaks to this piece on so many levels.

the love that i have for myself.

my love of others.

the love i receive back.

this is the self care card.

the protective, angelic pure healing energy.

self care, the most important aspect of this shadow work.

taking care of my physical body after an intense journey inward.

this love goes beyond the normal scope of the word.

a way to channel nourishing energy back into my body.

a way to fully love myself.

a place to find and heal stored trauma.

a chance to just be.




pouring so much into this piece, i needed to pour back into myself.

i lit an Aphrodite candle, and surrounded my space in crystals,

the lovers bath soak, and rose petals dancing in the water.

treating my skin to masks, and taking time to fully indulge my leo venus.

creating a space for me to cleanse and clear.

letting it all go.




the creation of this piece was a wild ride.

the messages and guidance that i received.

the heaviness of each card i pulled.

the weight of each stroke of the paintbrush.

this deeply loving process and chance for full shadow exploration.

it was warm love that i found.

illuminating the pieces of me with this solar energy.

a perspective change on how to do shadow work.


listening to the quiet

i am called to this quietness,

to tones and water,

the sound of a river flowing.

demanding me to take my time,

to slowly build the tracks,

one after another, never taking on too much.

finding sounds that allow my brain to unwind.

leaning into comfort.

relaxing in this space, and allowing myself to just be.

staying present in the moment.

and taking time away from the noise.



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welcome to my magical world of art and spirita psychedelic abstract experience, asking you to take a deep dive into your own subconscious. through music and spirit, i find inspiration, messages and guides. letting the art breathe and move with me.it is my hope that through my art, you are able to find your own forms of healing and peace.

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