The Shadows Cast

The Root

Shadow.  Rooted in that which seeks to remain unseen, hidden, ignored. Touching the many aspects of embodiment.  Reaching into, across, and through all time and space.  Becoming as tentacled vines, clinging to all touched.  With the power to render asunder all which might obstruct, the very existence and well-being of that which it seeks to protect and nourish.  Wielding the power, as relinquished, to affect the physical, mental and emotional body.  Until met face-to-face with a courage willing to see the Grand Illusion which lies therein.

Where Light shines, that which is positioned in obstruction of The Source cast shadow.  And so it is with Human Evolution.  The Goal of Life being embodiment of one’s Truest Essence of Self – Realization of The Divine in Form.  As this evolution takes place, as one holds more and more Light, the obstructions which cast shadow become more readily identifiable, seen, obvious, and simultaneously, create a degree of discomfort as it becomes more centered in the awareness.  This discomfort incessantly beckons, growing in intensity, until one finally makes the choice to heed the call.

In this piece, we will take you on a journey.  Seeing with clarity, the creation of the The Root, emanating from the simple seed of thought.  And the process by which the vines thereof reach into one’s life, overtaking the infinite potential with might become.

With a deep, slow intentional breath, allow yourself to settle into a place of comfort, such that you might have the openness to receive with clarity that which we offer.  And upon completion, another deeply centering breath to integrate what has been seen, heard, and recalled, according to the will of your own Divine Evolution and Well-being.

Be still and know.
Be silent and remember.



About Angela

As an expression of Divine Beingness, Angela is the creator/facilitator of Energetic Activations, Light Language Art, Channeled Poems, Prose, and Commentary, among other things.

The Manifestation which embodies as Angela is that of an Ancient Origin in regard to Earth linear time. As Angela has grown into greater Awareness of Being has she, as have many others, permitted the flow of this Great Frequency, allowing it to, once again, anchor itself within the Earth plane. With Love is there a great Opportunity within the Human Collective to Reconnect to that which was once known and yet has been forgotten. With Love, is there offered a many-fold experience within the Frequency which flows through Angela. By allowing the Self to Feel, at every level, those in Receipt of this Frequency will be moved to Remembrance of their own Truth of Being, facilitating Greater Depth of Expression, fully Embodying The Divine in Manifest Form.




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