“Love & Light”

These words are often the very first mantra of the Awakening Intuitive.

“Stay in the light”

“Positive vibes only”

“High Vibe”

“Raise your frequency”

“We are Ascending”

Was I the only one who received this pamphlet in Spirituality 101?

However, if you’re here, we both know an intro level course could never satiate you, because at the end of the day, it’s just a mask for the really juicy stuff.

The light has its purpose. It is deeply magical in its own right and as a heart-centered practitioner, I use it every single day. It is pure energy that can make its way into the deepest cracks and crevices of our very core. But how easily we forget, there cannot be light without the dark.

When we accept Light as all that is “good”, “pure”, “heavenly” and Dark as “evil”, “dirty”, “demonic”, we have fallen prey to the fallacy that one is more powerful than the other. When we strive to live a life only within the bounds of light, we deprive ourselves of the sacred dance that is the duality of being human.


When we dare to dig a little deeper, a little darker, we begin to scratch at the surface of our true power. We begin to dive beneath the shadows.

Just as the stars cannot shine without the expansive darkness, rebirth into light cannot exist without the Shadow of the womb. And as seeds can only reach for the Sun once they have slumbered in the shade, Darkness breathes life into the flame.

For beneath the Shadows is where we prepare ourselves for what comes next.

True shadow work is transformative, a type of shapeshifting not for the faint of heart. It requires one to dig so deeply within the layers of your own existence that you never fathomed could exist.

And when you emerge from the Chrysalis of Transformation, the Shroud of Death, the Veil of Shadows, you can never be the same as you once were. You cannot unknow what you have now learned and taking that plunge requires the most absolute trust in oneself.

There is power in rejecting the comfort of the known for the pain of change. There is even more power in claiming that discomfort, owning it, holding space for the sacred metamorphosis occurring. We shed in the shadows, and it can be some of the most excruciating inner work that you ever do, but it is also the most transformative. It is what allows us the room to be the expansive beings we are meant to be.

Our Shadow is the one that holds up the mirror in which we reflect upon our very essence. She refuses to be ignored, because she knows, true expansion and self-discovery can only come when you face her head on.

She is part of us all.

She is Lilith.

She is Tiamat.

She is Kali.

She is Hecate.

She is Sekhmet.

She is…

The Dark Feminine rising.



Natalie is an Educator, Visionary Seeress, and Creatrix that gives voice to the Sacred and Divine Feminine through her own Earthly experiences. She has been a visual and written artist for many years and sees creativity as a meditative process that unlocks messages from Spirit and the Ancestors.

Her poetry pieces are published under the name, Ishva Auset, The Daughter of Stars.


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