The Arts Meet Shadow

When we take the things we love and do it just for fun, we heal deeper.

For many The Arts are a form of escape or expression, and sometimes both. A lot of times people emerge from the art world noticing that their craft healed them. Painters talk about healing their depression, singers talk about becoming vulnerable, dancers talk about healing their body, and the list goes on.

What some may not realize is that as much as The Arts are fun, they heal too. When your city starts investing in The Arts or The Arts funding gets cut you can see why on either side. The Arts are important to us as a collective. So why then has there been so much untapped potential?

When we combine our innate knowing with our healing journey it becomes better, deeper even. We start to see that we choose intuitively what healing tools we wish to use. Maybe I don’t want to dance today, maybe I just want to sit and meditate, or maybe I just want to ride my bike. The beauty of listening to ourselves is that we can choose whatever. At any time. We already know innately what we need.

So what does this mean for The Arts? When artists such as myself or you, add The Arts to our healing journey we get to appreciate its purpose even greater. We create better. We feel better. We love better. We are better. When The Arts can heal and when it’s something we love, it resonates through our whole being.

Now you’re in the zone composing a song, or now your in a flow and don’t want to be interrupted. Now your heart and soul is pouring out into your craft. And what’s beautiful about being vulnerable like this is: healing spaces is that you get to share the deepest, most beautiful parts of you. Your essence. Your soul, it exudes. You inspire others to do the same. To remember who they are and love their craft deeper too.


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About Sarah the Goddess

Sarah the Goddess is an Intuitive Creative, Intuitive Coach, empath, natural energy healer, and intuitive herbalist. She is very passionate about guiding others in remembering and tapping back into their power to be the God(dess) that they are. She does this through her writing, singing, dancing, music, art, and her coaching. Through these mediums she is able to go into Trance and tune deeper into herself, the universe, and the world around her, as well as share messages for others.

Through her own healing journey, Intuitive Creative Expressions was born. She holds space for spiritual creatives and those interested in creating as a healing modality to authentically express all of their emotions. She guides people through this process through creativity, emotional alchemy, and healing tools such as meditation, shadow work, inner child work, and Past Impact Work©.




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