& everything she made me feel

 By AoH Creatrix: Ani Khēmeia

The Ocean in a Woman

She is rolling 


of beauty, 

the drop-off that deepens

all the way 

to the ocean’s floor,

the gradual glass

that guides you

to shore.

She is the sand

that melts

your skin,

the shark tooth

and the beast

who shed it,

the conch shell 

that sings –

only her name.

She is the Source 

that nudges

the rivers, 

the current

that controls

the climate, 

the blue 

that paints

every sunny day. 


She is an ocean,


and I – 

just an island

in her waters. 


Wrapped up in her element,


she holds me


coast to coast.

Poetry & Photography By: Ani Khēmeia

I once had a thousand desires, 


but in my one desire 

to know you, 


all else melted away. 


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Public Journal 001:

I had a new idea for a space on some of my writings for more unedited + raw feedback from my atmosphere of existence. I leave openness in my writings for a more universal affect, but that won’t be something you notice while reading these entries. They’ll be my musings – and how kismet that entry No. 1 is on Her. 

This piece came to me very slowly, then abruptly, and all at once. I drafted each portion (from the photos, to poem, to video) anywhere from weeks to entire months apart – each a piece to the puzzle in my subconscious. 

I don’t normally spend time on dusty puzzles in my head, but receiving my final acceptance came very shortly before this submission was due, and I really didn’t want to pressure myself into massive creating with minor time. 

2 days past, with everything included in the above post created and at my disposal – when randomly, like the tidal wave She is, I saw the picture in the pieces. (Mind you… I was never looking at these pieces to begin, or .. in a grander sense with all my creative energy… I was looking at a thousand pieces at once – and in that sprung forth a culmination of creations I found erotic…

I hope you can feel the safety and softness of our love in these art forms. 

It’s in that safety that I am able to open with fullness-

to Her beauty, 


sexual energy; 

where I can devote myself, l

ay myself bare before Her, 

and really 




Surrendering to my beauty Queen… happily on my knees for You.




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