Artist Uknown

Tantrically Erotica

It’s an evening of slow dancing to nothing but melodic melodies

Every tune dancing and thrumming through each strand of DNA in our bodies

Nothing but black and red candles lit like a movie set

Charged up

He slowly slides me to the ground while gently massaging the sensualist parts of me

From ear to neck

Out slips the moan as we think of our shared space, our future kids and Home…

Is what we desire as we sigh and we moan

Mmmm the smell of honey lavender and candle wax as he so mischievously drips it down my


trickle and rub it til it reaches by the dip of my ass crack


He gives me foreplay as we lay and I now turn him over as my fingers reaches from his chest

down to his balls cause that’s his favorite place.

Massaging til I reach up the shaft whispering the sweetest incantation to make sure this whole

magickal moment lasts

Leaning over him as I let the purplest of wines drip down from my nipple tip now into his lips

As I quench the thirst of my Black God & King

I feed his mind spirit and soul now

As he reaches up and caresses my third eye

My God our portals are open

He rolls me over now

Shit he slides it in slow

How… I gasp and I moan

Why I immediately surrender all old fears & see the hope

Crying deeply as he strokes

My..My…My soul shines

His spirit grounds it so we float by

We reach the peak as we lock eyes

We say our prayers as the magick seems so deep

Dreaming simultaneously while we sleep

The reality we manifested so sweet

Peaceful Dreams now

Until we rise again in the morning time


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