“The Visionary can only create life … give life if it allows the vision itself to actually breathe, take root, grow on its own with healthy direction and have its own voice.”


It is within The Vision that life lives…
When you read that inward & out-loud to yourself, what does your mind heart and soul specifically process?…

Let’s countdown, I’ll wait.






“It is within the vision” as a statement itself sparks so much more than what so many have allowed themselves to think. Literally the meat, bread & potatoes; The details altogether are in that one statement. How?! The “IT” within that phrase by itself signals all the ENDLESS opportunities for creative gestures to take root while simultaneously creating a continuous flow of cause & effect with wild yet wise abandonment.

As of late I have been sitting back watching so many around me… myself included experience said opportunities for all this to transpire in specific ways and multitude of levels.

I had not written real content nor any spoken word or the like in well over a few years now and as a fellow reader I want you to keep in mind that I absolutely love & ADORE more so than anything ever writing and being a writer. However, I had no inspiration in me left to write again for quite some time up until now. As I began to travel along within this new realm I’ve been experiencing lately of understanding where I am and what I need vs where I was and what I want I started to understand something new and profound. Through it all, I have noticed that I desire, albeit require to see in life what art, culture, diversity and growth is to me in order to be present within my own self but also within its own energy of creativity. Seeing the created become aware and venture out more to expand and explore and rise. To be obscure, different, wild, unashamed and purely open. To feel what my creative abilities does within its own right vs imposing what I think or what I think others will want to feel from what I create. Allowing  the details… the life force & intended creative awareness of the creation itself to take root truly now allows me more chances to spark more light and life into me to create with my own creations even the more. In doing so it creates an overflow in my authentic trueness and it allows for what I do want and need through my free flowing creations to now attract exactly all of that and MORE without overuse of physical effort continuously. With that I express that you allow yourself to not only see life through your own viosionary lenses but that of what you create and see what unfolds from there. experience the blessing it provides, besides…

The Visionary can only create life … give life if it allows the vision itself to actually breathe, take root, grow on its own with healthy direction and have its own voice.

With Love,


Published by Kiara Faulkner-Ledger

Cookie Conjure & Biz LLC was Created & Founded by Kiara Faulkner-Ledger best known as Lavish. Her passion behind women, sex, sensuality, spirituality and overall FREEDOM OF SELF is the driving force behind the Magick & Conjure... The Ashe that is Cookie Conjure & Biz. She helps many activate the womb space, tap into their Universal given right as Creatrixes & Creators, she heals through energy work/divine messages through layers of divination, mentorship, conjuring and provides those who aligns with her voice the tools necessary to evolve and elevate with Power regardless of the fear that is present. This all began because of her own journey with healing her own womb space and tapping more deeper into her divine birth power and right as A Divine Feminine. Aligning with what Femininity looks like for her. Lavish is a self published author of the book “Order of the Phoenix... Enter if you dare” under the pen name of Kiara “Ethereal” Faulkner and is certified as a Medium, a Usui reiki healer, a shaman & a spiritual coach. Being in connection with Lavish and CCB llc is where all The Keys & Sweetness you need for sovereignty can be found and applied to your life for Greatness & Powerful Manifestations, Evolution and Ascension.

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