hello dreamer

hello dreamer,

let me weave you a tale

one spinning with symbolism

and dripping with subconscious waters



enter this dream world

all you have to do is


close your eyes






dancing with drums

you are guided to go 











hello dreamer,


where do you travel at night?

far away lands,

or planes of existence?


head past the horizon

and run towards the water

the mind wandering



drifting off

                  coming back

                                         and slowly drifting off again





and waking up in a new world


you look for clues to remember where you are

because here,

something seems a little




your reflection doesn’t smile back


you throw a glass

and it bounces on the floor


you hear music

that comes from a different world


a goddess

trying to connect with you

leaving clues in symbols

scattered throughout the scene


an escape into color

this abstract world of creation

clearing blue

and becoming yellow

swirling and flowing in rainbows

basking in color
















hello dreamer,

                                              you’ve found your way

                                                                                                         to a special space

                                                                                                                                                of dreaming beyond the veil


seeing them

hearing them

hugging them


little moments you get to spend

with loved ones

that no longer walk

this earthly plane


your dream world

a connection to the spirit realm

accessing this space


and learning

from those that have

simply changed forms


a man in a purple suit approaches you

you notice nothing odd about him

until he begins to smile

the smile stretches

and bends

to an unnatural curve


he tries to speak with you

but you won’t let him

you will yourself to wake up

because you have stumbled into a place

that you clearly don’t belong


the scenery around you is desolate

eerie and unsettling 

approaching a door

you get the feeling again

that this is a place

that you don’t belong


opening the door and walking through

the fear

washes over you


your body

your intuition


this is a place

you’re not supposed to be


a stench fills you nose

pure death

an evil entity has made themselves known


you turn

and  run               

and run                              

you run until you wake up                                            



hello dreamer,

                                   are you lost?

                                                                                                                          swimming through your subconscious

is not always a gentle ride


and turning                


hearing messages

that maybe

you don’t want to hear


bombarded with





and letting your subconscious

do the work

that your waking mind

chooses not to do


good dreams

and bad dreams

these visions

sent to teach

a way to access knowledge

information only reached

through this

dreamlike state


spending hours in this land

this dream world


a place to 





i ask you this,

my beautiful dreamer


how lucid are you?



interested in understanding your dreams on a deeper level?

would you like to become a dream walker?

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