“I am a being of the Universe. Daughter of the moon with starlight in my soul.” -Unknown


Watch behind the scenes making of “The Visionary” – HERE

FROM Kjartz

My sole mission is to uplift and empower women through art. To make the world see the beauty where it is otherwise heavily looked over. To be a voice for the unheard, and to bring awareness to issues that society prefers to sweep under the rug. I create “fantasy feminism”. I paint portraits of women and add in elements of fantasy, surrealism, and semi-realism.


Published by Kareemah Scurry

A self taught visual artist, born and raised in southern NJ; Kareemah is a freelance artist who specializes in portrait art. Her style has been coined as "fantasy feminism."A wife and mother, she currently resides in northeastern Ohio. Her mission in life is to empower and uplift women through art, while also creating work that is a positive visual representation of women of color.Kareemah dreams of one day being able to teach art abroad and study under the masters of visual arts. Eventually, being able to sustain a comfortable and financially stable life with art sales.

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