Creating Heaven on Earth

Utopia is defined as: an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.

When you imagine the perfect utopia what comes to mind?

Nevermind if it’s possible or how to achieve it. What does it look like? What does it feel like?

Great. Now hold on to that feeling and that vision. Set an intention by speaking it into the universe that’s what you wish to have in your reality. Watch as it begins to come forth. At first it’ll be scary or it may seem like nothing is happening. Maybe even things get worse before they get better on a personal level. The thing about creating an utopia is that we have to change the state of the world. Or at least starting with city or community before branching out. But before any of that, the change needs to begin within first. If you’ve already begun then amazing and if not still amazing. You found this for a reason and it may be time to begin.


Consider these when wishing for a better world:

What do you want to change about the world?

How do you think the change can occur?

What is preventing this change from occurring?


Thinking about yourself:

Do you have the skills and qualities necessary for this new world to thrive?

If not, how can you obtain these new ways of being in the ways that resonate with you?

Do you have any qualities or skills already that you may not have noticed or didn’t think were important?

If yes, which ones do you possess? How can they help your utopia thrive? How can they help you thrive?

If this utopia couldn’t be built immediately or at all, how can you bring this vision to the world as it is right now?

If you could bring this vision forth would the world now, be a better place to live in? Or would an entirely new world be needed?


Ponder these questions and what comes up for you. Everyone has their own uniqueness to them. Everyone has the ability to change their own internal world. The beauty of this alchemy is that once the change begins inwards, it gets expressed outwards. See the vision, understand it, work towards it, be it, and live it.

Once you see the beauty you also appreciate the things that aren’t as beautiful. You begin to understand the current state of the world and how little things can shift a lot. How and why unity is important. Why not everything is a one size fits all. Why we are all here for different and even similar reasons. It all makes sense in the grand scheme of things. Because while earth is dualistic, we need balance. We need restoration. We need peace. The scales need to tip in order for there to be a shift. Collectively we have been consciously and subconsciously doing the work to shift the world. It has been helping and continues to help as we continue to step into and rise in our power.

Remember that patience is important on this journey. You don’t want to miss anything because everything is important. When you look back at all the changes or things you’ve embraced, you realize that you’ve learned so much about yourself and the world around you. Your perspective shifts and this seem brighter and your vision seem clearer.

You have entered Uptopia.



About Sarah the Goddess

Sarah the Goddess is an Intuitive Creative, Intuitive Coach, empath, natural energy healer, and intuitive herbalist. She is very passionate about guiding others in remembering and tapping back into their power to be the God(dess) that they are. She does this through her writing, singing, dancing, music, art, and her coaching. Through these mediums she is able to go into Trance and tune deeper into herself, the universe, and the world around her, as well as share messages for others.

Through her own healing journey, Intuitive Creative Expressions was born. She holds space for spiritual creatives and those interested in creating as a healing modality to authentically express all of their emotions. She guides people through this process through creativity, emotional alchemy, and healing tools such as meditation, shadow work, inner child work, and Past Impact Work©.

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