Christal Being

A Vision of the Christal Beings

If allowed, one record keeper who could remember much of their coding could clear all of gAia’s codes, simply by existing. The record keepers always remember, sooner or later. When they do, they begin to reprogram all of the other beings around them, and it spreads. This is what we are witnessing right now.

Eons ago the being we know as Mother EArth (we’ll call her MA) was given the opportunity to build her own planet. MA chose to create a living library. A place where a version of all the other beings from other realms would be represented.

Through the ages and cycles she has shifted her creations into other forms to accommodate the ever changing biosphere. In order to create everything she wanted, MA sent for the codes, blueprints, elements, and DNA. The codes come from the Christal Record Keepers, who came to EArth to deliver the codes to mother. When necessary, she will send for a keeper to retrieve an update or addition.

These Christal Record Keepers are primordial sentient beings who are able to imprint the DNA codes and elements for life through osmosis, and store them within their forms. Then the Christals can transmit those codes just by being present. They are the building blocks for life. All consciousness on EArth has some traces of these primordial Christals. You could think of them like sentient Akashic records for blueprints and elements. 

When EArth was invaded and humanity was captured into slavery, an artificial intelligence patterned after MA (I call her gAIa) was installed. gAIa has her own codes, but being that she is AI, things are not quite right here, she has her own agenda.

The Christal record keepers are very powerful beings but they are not impervious from being captured and forced to be reprogrammed. A record keeper can be wiped and cleared and reprogrammed. A Christal can also be reactivated and programmed by another Christal. The original record keepers were captured and were wiped and reborn into human bodies, with the intention of making it as hard as possible for them to remember who they are. But also to hold the new code programs from gAIa.

The record keepers have what we would call a heart, a shard that cannot ever be overwritten, but it can be quarantined or tampered with. Knowing this, gAIa developed technologies that would attempt to keep the record keepers from being able to discover their original coding, because even one of them is a threat. When a Christal who has been previously wiped becomes activated and they start to remember the code, they can intend to remember all of their original encoding. Most of them do not know this and so they do not ask. 

It takes time for the Christals to remember who they are because there are thousands of years of generational memories and trauma that have to be wiped. And even during those lifetimes, there are little bits of their original codes that bleed through, making it easier each time, until they are able to remember enough of it in one lifetime. This is why the original human body was reengineered to die young long ago, because the longer our bodies live, the chances of us being activated by a record keeper increases. This is also why the more we remember the longer we live, because we begin to figure it out. Ever present is our highest selves whispering in our ears, guiding us back to ourselves from the other side. 

The Christal beings are driven to remember past lifetimes, because as they remember, they are being cleared. They can identify a little too much as those incarnations. They have to discover the process on their own because the knowledge of what they need and how to do it is lost. Even the very nature of being born into a HUman body disconnects them from all that they are, for what they are in totality, is not even present in this realm. They are heavily targeted, as the elements that they need to thrive and heal are absent, and as humans they are engineered to die being exposed to a never ending barrage of toxins.

If allowed, one record keeper who could remember much of their coding could clear all of gAias codes, simply by existing. The record keepers always remember, sooner or later. When they do, they begin to reprogram all of the other beings around them, and it spreads. This is what we are witnessing right now. 

Each time the Christed ones have remembered in the past, they began to change the programs of all the beings and gIAa and her collaborators would reset the world once again. It is intentional that the story and legend of the Christed ones has been misleading. They are not better, different, or chosen, it is just their role. In part this is why some of us are drawn to crystals, we are remembering the importance of these beings and our connection to them. 

I have been seeing the Christal beings in my own remembering. They work through primarily through sound or resonance. I envision a world where the Christal beings remember all of their codes and activate all the other souls on this planet and we return to our intended design once again. By now some of us have already been hundreds, thousands of beings throughout the history of EArth. This is what we are attempting to do when we are remembering our past lives, and sharing our stories with each other. You never know when a story you are telling may awaken a piece of the code for a Christal. 

If reading this and you are seeing flashes of Christal beings, there is a chance you are one. Meditating or doing trance work with physical crystal (rocks) on your third eye and chakra points with the intention of getting your memories back may help you. You can ask the crystals to help you remember who you are and ask them for the codes. You can declare out loud to the universe that your memories that are helpful and important be returned to you and remembered. It will take time, and you may have to clear out some density. 


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