Seek to Be Shown

Anybody can have a vision—visions for their personal life, business, their love life, friendships, careers—they are not reserved for a special group of people. However, what often accompanies visions is work. Work that extends beyond the physical.

Google the term vision. Vision is defined as the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom. I believe we automatically come into this life with information and wisdoms specific to the vessels that we inhabit. This wisdom lies dormant until it’s awakened. Some people have moments of awakening early on in life, and if you’re like me, you had them later in life. From the moment we are awakened to the infinite wisdom that effortlessly courses through us, we are then presented with the opportunity to walk in that wisdom or turn away from it. Anybody can have a vision—visions for their personal life, business, their love life, friendships, careers—they are not reserved for a special group of people. However, what often accompanies visions is work. Work that extends beyond the physical. 

Acknowledge and Accept 

Drake once said, “We walk the same path, but got on different shoes”. I felt that. Having a human experience is one we can all relate to, after all, we ARE here. The different aspects of every person’s perceived “self” helps shape the way we maneuver through our human experience. Same path, different shoes. 

What’s important is understanding that we are custom made and come with our own blend of secret sauce that no one else has. Within that sauce are layers and layers of gifts, talents, and habits that others simply do not possess. Digging through those layers allows us to identify what they are and the place they have in our life. Taking stock of oneself wipes off the mirror of who we are. With clarity about the ingredients that our sauce is made of it becomes the foundation upon which we walk. From there, the challenge is accepting the ingredients, all of them, even the dark more robust ones. 

Acknowledging our ingredients is one thing, accepting our ingredients is another thing. We cannot acknowledge things that we don’t accept and we cannot accept things that we don’t acknowledge. It’s often easy to run from the dark ingredients, but that does nothing in helping us to understand who we are so that we can operate in ways that serve our highest good, ways that lend us clear channels for receiving visions. Moving forward in life without acknowledging and accepting the many layers of ourselves is like trying to back your car out of the driveway before actually starting it. You won’t be able to get anywhere without taking that first crucial step. 

Assessing and Leaning

In this existence the people you come into contact with are affected by the way they experience you. Influence is something that we all have over one another to a certain degree. To take stock of yourself equips you with great power: the ability to understand how much and in what ways you influence others and the energy around you. 

Everything around us is a product of creation. Whether it’s creating space, systems for others, or experiences that feel good for ourselves and others. Creation is the epicenter. At the epicenter of creation though, lies that which inspired what we chose to create, why we chose to create it, and how we chose to create it. Each of us come equip with the ability to create anything. The only difference between what any two people create is what lies at the core of their soul. When we assess the qualities that lie within us, the way we create and consequently what we create align seamlessly. 

Leaning into our sauce, by default, pushes us toward things that fill our soul’s cup. We find ourselves easily gravitating toward things that feel good to our soul and forming an aversion toward things that don’t. Not only do these things become easily detectable, the distinction between what feels good to the soul and what feels good to the FLESH is more easily noticed. We open up channels so that our internal guidance system can speak to us clearly and show us how we can and often do affect others. 

Here we find ourselves graduating from acknowledging and accepting our blend to assessing and leaning into how our specific blend of sauce fits into the cosmic soup that is life. Assessing our sauce enables us to understand what we can create in this world and how we can create it. Maybe you’re good with children, maybe people open up to you easily, maybe you help people generate ideas quickly and easily. Whatever influence your sauce has on others serves as a compass for creation. 


Our internal guidance system can speak to us all day, but do we listen? How well do we listen? A lot of us make it through acknowledging and accepting parts of our sauce and even make it through assessing how to make the best use of our sauce, but where we often wavier is in truly listening when we are being guided on what to do in the physical.

Listening skills are what create distinctions between those who simply have a vision and those who take physical steps to walk toward that vision. Listening is not exclusive to words, however. Listening can look like seeing how certain things in our journey shift when different energies and circumstances are added or removed. 

When visions are given to us a lot of times they do not account for the ever-changing landscape of our physical realities so we get locked into the vision with specific people, specific places, and specific times in mind. I’m reminded of the Disney TV Show That’s So Raven. Raven often had visions that were not exactly what they seemed whenever they unfolded in real life. The core of the vision will remain the same even if certain parts of it change. From experience, I can say that we do ourselves a disservice by holding on so tightly to minute details. Holding on to what we can convince ourselves to see and what is actually supposed to be there creates a level of dissonance that has the potential to severely derail us. 

When we put space in-between things we thought would be in our experience forever and, as a result, are blessed in ways that we were not prior, we’re being presented with the opportunity to listen. Listening with our eyes wide open. It’s easier to read that than to understand and operate in that in real life, though. We often create struggles between what we see in our immediate experience and what is shown to us.  To see comes naturally, to be shown comes as a result of listening.


If you have ever looked at someone and thought they were a visionary or had a vision for their life, consider how much time they spend acknowledging and accepting parts of themselves, assessing and leaning into the space that those parts create for them, and most importantly listening. Visions don’t work unless we do.  


About Art Girl Shay

My name is Shay Holloway. I am a creative from Arkansas. I say creative because at that’s the thing that feeds me. It runs through me a fuels my every day. More specifically, I am an acrylic/mixed media artist, and photographer.

I allow feeling and intuition to not only guide my work but my creative journey! Creating is life, quite literally.

On canvas, I create cosmic art (and a bit of abstract sprinkled here and there). “Pure Potential” is a series of galaxies available on canvas and in prints.

“Body” a series of body portraits combine galaxies with the magic that is the body to create cosmic body art intended to boost and promote a healthy relationship with the body. Contact me via my website to inquire about becoming part of the series! (Literally see yourself AS the art that you are!)

Behind the camera, I do a little of it all! Event photography, birthday portraits, senior portraits, etc.
Contact me to participate in an ongoing project “Letters to My Insecurities”.

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