The Journey Coming Back Home to You by Radiance Thompson

You have the career, the partner, the kids, the house, the dog, the cat, the fish even…

Yet you can’t escape the feeling that something is missing.

You’ve checked all the boxes for your life, yet you can’t manage to get out of that strong yearning..

Like life has gotta be more than this?

And because that feeling has created a big gaping hole in your energy field, you start to fill in the missing puzzle pieces with temporary place holders.

Perhaps you’re a frequent amazon primer yet the things you purchase barely get used.

Perhaps you’re a “yes” person to the things you don’t necessarily want to do, but you get a high on the feeling of being needed by someone.

Perhaps you’re surrounded by a group of “friends” that you don’t really vibe with, but you stick around because they satisfy the feeling of being lonely.

Perhaps you have a partner that you know isn’t the one for you, but they help with the bills or maybe you have kids and you’re in the “something is better than nothing” vibe.

Now you’re looking at your life and wondering, “How the eff did I even get here?”

Here’s the woo – you’re not resonating with your original energy signature and it’s causing you to fill in the missing pieces with things and people that provide temporary resolution for the lack of wholeness you’re experiencing.

Youch – I threw a lot at you just now, didn’t I?

Let’s take a step back.

Your original energy signature is what you’re born with – it’s your soul’s essence.

Your original energy signature is a unique vibration specific to you that resonates with the career path that feels most fulfilling, platonic and romantic relationships that fill your cup, and experiences that give you the most joy and elation.

When you’re no longer resonating with your original energy signature, it’s due to energetic forces that have penetrated your energy field, causing it to collapse on itself.

Energetic forces can be anything from the energy of someone angry blocks away from you traveling down to you and being absorbed by your energy field while you’re getting your morning Starbucks coffee.  This causes you to feel angry out of nowhere when you were feeling excited about the day just moments before.

Energetic forces that contribute the most to a collapsed energy field are consistent forms of trauma. This can consist of anything from your parents disempowering you with harsh judgement and rejection, to having a toxic relationship with an ex-partner.


Trauma can also be self-induced by neglecting self-care remedies to self-doubt, stress and harsh self-judgement from your inner critic.

Over time, these forms of trauma perpetuate high stress on the body – initiating waves of biochemicals and energetic forces that collectively depreciate your connection with your soul’s original energy signature. This leads to contraction or collapsing of our energy field, causing a sense of something missing from one’s life and the need to fill in the missing pieces to retrieve a temporary feeling of being whole again.

And this cycle of filling in the gaps with missing pieces continues until you become aware of certain patterns of behavior that are perpetuating the contraction and replace the behavior with new behaviors that DO resonate with your soul’s original energy signature.

And once new behaviors are in place, instead of feeling like something is “missing” and doing monotonous things that don’t fill your soul’s cup, you begin to recalibrate yourself back to the original energy of your soul’s essence, the essence of your soul that you were born with and got disconnected from.

And once you begin to reset to your soul’s original energy signature, you begin to find your way back to your soul’s destiny.


Here’s an exercise to get back to your soul’s original energy signature:

First do some introspection to find out what you’re soul’s original energy signature is.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What did you enjoy doing as a child that seemed effortless to do? Identify the activities that you get so lost in wonder in that when look up at the clock hours have passed by.

What music do you like?

What smells resonate with you most? Are you more of a minty mist, citrus kiss, or robust rose typa person?

What are the topics that interest you most? Politics, finances, dungeons and dragons, fiction or non-fiction?


When you answer these questions, fill your life with more activities that fit your area of interest.

As you do more of these things, you’d be amazed at how many downloads you get from the universe – ideas about what do next, who to talk to, where to go, how to do xyz, etc.

As doing each new activity gives you a new download and direction, you begin to recalibrate back to your soul’s essence, the essence of wholeness, vitality that’s authentic to YOU.

And as you do this, you will notice that you stop filling your cup with the mundane things that you do to pass time by. You’ll stop flicking through Netflix to watch shows that aren’t really of interest to you and you’ll watch the shows that only fills your inner being.

And as you do this, little by little, every day notice yourself calling back pieces of your soul, reigniting your light and begin to co-create a life with the universe that feels “good” to live.

Thank you for reading my article!

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