Pandora’s Box

“Growing up in the bible belt in a VERY Christian home, RED was not a color that young ladies of morals was able to wear.”

Pandora's Box

Hello, I am glad you have joined us for another full moon of sexy, seductive, and empowering erotica. There are many new things happening behind the scenes. The first is we are revamping the 13MOONS Magazine brand and heading to a new network to share our uncensored creation. You can now find us on the Mighty Network, click here to join us on our new platform.

Another new thing we are doing is having themes for each issue. This months erotica theme is the color RED. Red is a sexy, sassy, passionate and confident color. Growing up in the bible belt in a VERY Christian home, RED was not a color that young ladies of morals was able to wear. This will be dissected more in our guest creator, Allysin Grey’s, article entitled “RED”.

I also, hosted the “After Dark Slumber Party” in the Calabash Community on Facebook, this will be a monthly event that will happen in the community every first Saturday. You can dress in your PJs, if you like, and bring any ADULT SUBSTANCES you indulge in. Think of it as a virtual slumber party in your living room filled with laughter and conversation.  During the party I read one of my erotica pieces and also got to talk with 1 of our new creators this month, Jay Dee. Check out her article entitled “Tempting.”

 In closing, I am super excited to introduce “The Red Issue”, packed with 7 wonderfully written features by our talented and creative creators. We are all different in our delivery but we are always authentic to ourselves and what EROTICA means to us. Click and enter into Pandora’s Box.

I am an extraterrestrial being enjoying a spiritual rebirth on earth. After years of being in the medical field, I decided to change careers. My goal is to bring my knowledge of the human body & the natural, simple, and sometimes “old fashion” things that can help heal ourselves. I am an intuitive reader, feminist, women advocate & herbalist. Please check out my business page or website for more info on cloth pads.
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