Old Norse Germanic Alphabet Rune Painting Inguz

Rooting Into Old Norse Mysticism

Family stories and genetics

Some of us have stories that are passed down from our family, but we all have varying degrees of connection to our roots.  Some stories are lost completely, and some families keep the roots intact. It seems that it’s all too common that we’ve lost touch, especially those from European descent.

For the longest time I felt like I had no culture, and was seeking to find a sense of belonging.  It was only recently that I realized that the first people to be colonized were the European people who lived in connection to the earth, before Christianity took over.

I’ve always known that I had Nordic roots, but I didn’t know much else.  After being inspired to connect with my ancestors, I began my journey with testing my genealogy.  For a  long time I felt resistance to doing this test, but I decided that having this information would be empowering on the start of my journey.

I confirmed that I had primarily Scandinavian (mostly) and less Celtic genes.  It makes sense since the Vikings had traveled to these areas.

I also began my journey with Runes, an ancient alphabet and oracle belonging to the Northern Germanic peoples.

Illuminating the Runes

Learning that much of the history of Runes has been lost, I decided to experience the Runes on my own, with my paintbrush and trust, before diving into their meaning.

With a goal to paint the entire Elder Futhark alphabet, I began by drawing  each Rune from the bag, sitting with it, and tracing the character over and over with my paintbrush.  Each character emanates light from my paint strokes creating a luminescence with white paint on top of a dark background.

As I built the light from the character, the light would form into unique patterns.  Once a general feeling appeared, I then began to study the meaning of the Rune.

I am inspired to paint with light from studying the mischtechnik with Vitra Academy and Amanda Sage, and am so thankful for learning this approach to explore and “Illuminate” the Runes.



Illuminated Painting of the Rune Inguz

Inguz, the rune of Fertility, is about the completion of a cycle and wholeness. When casting this Rune, I immediately associated it with the recent beginning of my menstrual cycle after giving birth.  This was very significant for me, as I had been talking to my partner online for two weeks.  My menstrual cycle began for the first time after giving birth, on the very day of our first date.  I felt that the beginning of my cycle also marked the beginning of our relationship, a new chapter in my life.  As a single mother, this is when I felt like I started regaining my power and being more in touch with the outside world.



Illuminated Painting of the Rune Wunjo

Wunjo is the Rune of Joy.  This depiction was very intuitive, with very little thought.   I began the painting by following the Rune’s shape, building the light and color.  I then invited my partner to channel what he saw in the painting.  This ecstasy is the motherly love between a mother and her child.  The moment in which the mother sees the beauty of her creation for the first time.  This meaning could apply to someone giving birth to anything and seeing their beautiful creation in awe and love.



Illuminated Painting of the Rune Hagalaz

Hagalaz    Hail. Disruption, destruction, chaos.  “Dropping the bomb” in conversation, relationships, strategy of reorganization in the grand scheme of things. Breaking free from reality as you know it. Wake up, shake up! This rune disrupts the current pattern to make way for new growth.  For me personally, I was working with this rune when I initiated a family legal process, where the moment feels chaotic and shaky, but is meant to bring more order and benefit both sides.



Illuminated Painting of the Rune Ansuz

Ansuz Odin’s Rune, the messenger. Messages, vitality, inspiration.   For me this Rune signifies the beginning of a new way of life, one with ease of communication and harmony.  In this new chapter, I feel a greater sense of integrity and honesty to build a strong foundation for a thriving relationship.  In order to feel more joy, I must integrate my unconscious patterns from the past.

This Rune signifies connection to the Divine, when one notices synchronicities and affirmations that they are on the right path.



Illuminated Painting of the Rune Ehwaz

Ehwaz  Movement, progress, transition, steadfastness, partnership, self control, inner journeys, cultivation.

This Rune signifies the attributes one must have to build a business or partnership slowly, maintaining the strength to keep going through difficulties and lulls.  Ehwaz is the long game to see the vision through.  The horse and rider are bonded through the dedication to the journey and progress.  For me, working with Ehwaz has asked me to zoom out to see my life in a bigger picture, for achieving a greater goal.  With this perspective, the bigger purpose feeds the soul through all the trials and discomforts of everyday life.


Resources to deepen into your own journey

I invite you to follow my journey as I deepen my connection and understanding of the Runes.  To see the full alphabet and more of my creations, visions, and inspiration visit my instagram @soulvay.art or follow the link www.instagram.com/soulvay.art

My mission is to bring the unconscious to the conscious, with playful curiosity and beauty. My work is meant to remind you of your strength, all that you’ve overcome, and your ability to tap into your power at any time.


With my booth at the Scandinavian Festival in Estes Park, CO.  Summer 2022.                                       Sons of Norway https://www.sofn.com




The band Heilung, meaning “Healing” in German, brings history to life with performance ritual.    Visit their website https://amplifiedhistorytour.com



If you would like to explore the meaning of each rune on a deeper level, visit Freya Aswynn’s website for lessons on aswynn.com.  She has studied and worked with Runes for a lifetime and offers many resources for your education and guidance.


Ancestral Roots

If you’re curious to explore more of your ancestry, visit www.redowlapothecary.com and find Excavating Ancient Ancestry under Services.  Jacquie Miranda offers unique ways to uncover your history “with reputable companies that collate DNA samples from archaeological digs and other genomic study sources” and a connection to the spiritual aspect as well.

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