Hi nice to meet you! I’m Sol’Ja

Call me Mami Wata the way the words flow to me.

Lemme ask you a question..
When you look in the mirror, do you like yourself?
Have you talked to your wealth? Have you talked to your health?
Have you talked with your Shadow Self? Have you spoken to your
future self?
Don’t tell me that you ain’t blessed if you ain’t put yo self to test.
Gotta treat my life like it’s rare and put it in my own treasure chest
Please understand I am not like rest
I only aim to do my best
Yeah I may be stressed but I’m good because God got the rest.
Memorized by my opportunities glad to find out that I was truly
Had to understand the lesson to never accept the less.
I had to figure out the facts to do the things that needed to be done.
See I come in like ton, do you believe I am the Sun?
Understand I am the one. I will be the one to get everything done
without a second run cuz you know I like to have a little fun.
Been the hottest thing out since day one.
Y’all might have heard about 21 Savage, I’m stepping in the place
like my name 23 Bad Bitch.
Jordan Year and you know I ain’t average. Do you in bad now you
thinking I’m a Savage.
I’m not Megan or Beyoncè, I’m actually Journeè with the two ee’s.
Talk to me nice and I might leave with ease.
They call me abrasive.. they call me conceited.
They call me somebody that could never be it.
When people can’t control you, they try to control how others view
They try to make you conform to their standards and accept the role
you’ve been assigned.

They want you to act like them and ignore your inner design.
They start to underestimate your power which leads to them
becoming a coward and represents you as the king of your tower.
See I does this with ease. I mean I do as I please.
Call me Mami Wata the way the words flow to me.
I feel like I should be singing like I’m in Jodeci. My nouns, my
verbs and my adjectives all coming out with potency.
Holding the world on my shoulders so it’s not consumed by the
ocean or the sea
I had to leave behind the insecurities to take on the possibilities that
put me in position to become a trillionaire, can’t you see?
I can show my ass and take you to class so don’t be ashamed when I
put you in line.
I made myself into a Goddess of my own design.
I am divine within my own time.
The way my words flow together I really am the Tigress of the
To be so bold and blunt about my lineage, I come from a line of
Shamans and Healers so cold you’d think my surname is Phineas.
Just to be crystal clear, I am a Nubian Queen when it comes to my
heart which I hold dear.
See I’m not a popped condom or the load my momma should’ve
swallowed, I’m the kid who gone come at muthafuckas with them
Imma hit yo ass with something different, I’ma come at you like my
name is Rent.
One thing about me if I get too hot, I might erase your scent. Don’t
get too excited with them words, skip right over all those holidays
straight into Lent.
When it comes to drama, there is no competition. I’ll produce a
whole network and label it Journeè’s Exhibition.
If you thought I was a contestant, I’m here to tell you there is no
comparison. I’m the greatest sincerely the Baddest Afro African.

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