Interview with Rashawn Hynes

Lady LaShanda: How long have you been bodypainting?

Rashawn Hynes: Almost 7 years

LL: How do you find models?

RH: Most are friends that know what I do, others see my work on social media and reach out to do a shoot.

LL: Do you ever feel hesitation from women when starting the process, especially with being naked?

RH: Yes, some women are a little intimidated with being naked, especially since I am a male, but I really have to just try and make them feel comfortable. I think that is also the reason I just don’t go out recruiting models and instead allow them to reach out to me instead.

LL: For me the hesitation wasn’t getting naked, I was fine with that part. The panic for me came when it was time to take photos. Share what you do to help women get over that fear?

RH: Just talking to them and distracting them from making forced or planned poses and just flowing freely. Showing them the shots after taking them and allowing them to see that great shots are possible especially when you just being natural and yourself.

LL: What is the common misconception people have with you about doing body painting? And what do you want to educate people on about body painting?

RH: That I just want to see women naked. I am actually numb to seeing naked women at this point. I want people to know that body painting is an art, and the human body is my canvas.

LL: Where do you want to take your body painting business?

RH: I would love to do more body painting on men and transgender. Maybe, even open my own body painting studio, do more magazines and just scale my business to the next level.



You can connect with Rashawn on IG: @paintmyliferay or @articulate_mind

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