I started researching for this issue months in advanced. Studying different kinks, entering into various kink communities and allowing myself to be open & free. I knew that there would be certain things I wouldn’t like or even be interested in BUT was a little surprised I was ok with trying. Although I haven’t tried them all, there is at least a base standard for what I will try and what I won’t (although I am willing to try ALMOST everything at least once).

What is kinky?

How do you Determine what or even who is kinky?

By definition:

Kinky (adjective) – involving or given to unusual sexual behavior.

Meaning anybody can be deemed or categorized Kinky, dependent on whom you ask. Kinky to 1 individual can look different for another. Sort of like Erotica itself can be deemed different for everyone.

The boundaries of erotica and kink are blurring. We start with a guest piece from Goddess SupraCelestial, followed by poems featuring and inspired by a body painting shoot I had with Rashawn, culminating in a sitdown interview with the artist himself, Mr. Rashawn Hynes.

It is time to once again enter Pandora’s Box.

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