Embracing Your Power

I’m a vision of strength, and so are you.

Even in our weakest moments.

We are all living this life, within different worlds, impacting change. I salute you for the beauty you bring and whatever part of your journey you’re on. I’m here, learning, even while falling apart.

My path to embrace my power has not come easily.

 Photo: Sitting in my art studio,
with completed art images behind.

What are you going to be?

20 year old me: “I’m going to change the world.”


And like so often, life didn’t go as planned. At age 24 I was expecting my first son. I went on leave from my clinical job to stay home and support my partner while he went back to school. I dropped out of university and stopped my Masters degree. 

I felt lost. I also felt then and continue to feel now that the good we give comes back to us, and that what we do is for good reasons, even if others don’t understand. I’m still thankful for that and for that time growing my son. There is also so much I have learned in the meantime. It took me 9 years to find my voice and these are some of the lessons I found in embracing my power:

  1. Don’t let anyone else’s path disturb yours. No matter how shiny and successful others appear, I promise they live with pain and confront trauma on their path.
  2. Trust in your good heart and guard it. Many sensitives are trusting by nature, and to the point it can harm us. Learning how to trust your goodness and the kindness in your heart while keeping it safe is a dance I am still learning. What would I suggest to a good friend in that situation?
  3. Be a good person, even when others aren’t. If others are using what they know about you to hurt you, that’s on them and tells more about them than you. Invite it to sting and feel your pain, saying it aloud. Hand to heart, and with kindness, know that you feeling that pain not only means that you are alive, but you are whole, raw, and feeling because of your beautiful heart.
  4. Understand balance will shift from day to day or week to week. Energy levels and our capacity fluctuates regularly, and so much our attention, rest, and ability to care for others. Keeping track of this on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly calendar can support us to understand ourselves and be flexible to protect ourselves from burnout.
  5. Celebrate others’ successes. Celebrating others create ripple effects for them, those they connect to, for us, and the relationships between. The fundamental belief that there is enough success for everyone can change the way we feel about life and connecting to others. Being vocal shifts us all to think about ourselves and others more positively.
  6. Learn comfort in receiving. No one gets through life without help, and asking and receiving help can be difficult for many.

My inspiration song  comes to me when I don’t expect it, and when it’s needed. This was found when my playlist ended and after pressing forward a few dozen times, my mind is stuck. This magic plays on repeat at nearly 100 times, creating the flow I crave. I need a steady to access my true creativity and potential to be the visionary I am.

Receiving is an Art Form

Processing it is MAGIC

We cannot always be ready to receive: love, generosity, creativity, flow, strength. Understanding this has invited me to take note and be ready to shift when it arrives. Imagine a single mother with 3 deadlines at 2 jobs, and being inspired to complete a new art series, or develop a new support for community.

Balance is elusive and working towards an evolving “balance” where I value my ideas my health, and those important people around me (including commitments I’ve made), means listening to my intuition and spirit intently.

 This poem came to me as I considered the “balance” I work towards, and the lessons learned.


These Days 

These days

Were coming.

All along,

They were there.

The impossible 


The dreams I dared.


You know-

I wanted it to be true,

And with a blink 

I’m here.

It feels like 

If I breathe wrong,

They’ll disappear.


Crashing down,


Land before time,

Never was.


Dare to breathe,

Dare to Dare.

Here for more than a good time-

A long time,

And more-

Forever change;

Forever on Fire.


For the children 

Without a voice,

The parents blamed,

The toxic system-

Seeking redemption,

The do-gooders

Doing as they do.

I’m here,


One foot 

In front of the other 

Chasing change. 

If we all do what we can,

Magic comes, 


We’re already here,

Doing the good work,



Much love to you as you work hard to shift the pain in the world 💙


Art posted:

Image 1: Rest, 20×20″, Multimedia, Warrior Goddess Series, Available

Image 2: A Moment, 40×40″, Multimedia, Warrior Goddess Series, Available



About Angela

Angela Taylor is a visual artist and a resident of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She uses art to express deep emotion and process complex trauma. She uses photo-realistic and abstract styles with the human body and nature as inspiration. She is an author of three books, based in art and creativity: Get Your Art On! An art for wellness facilitation guide, All Kinds of Minds, and Forever on Fire. She has multiple pieces exhibited at local public spaces, including within organizations. Most recently, the Warrior Goddess, standing 5 feet tall.

Angela creates in alcohol ink, acrylic mediums, mixed media, photography, writing, poetry and live painting performances. She integrates her training as a therapist and mental health and accessibility expert, empowering and supporting community members to express emotion and process pain. Her Inner Fire Project is a new art as therapy initiative to offer another therapeutic and healing experience for her clients. Her passions lie in the love of community and increasing well-being of those living with complex neurology and behaviour. Learn more about her work at the charity she founded at www.InspireCommunityOutreach.ca, or about her story at Supporting Community Together.


Love to you as you find your breath. 

Thank you for sharing your magic with me.

Read more about my story at www.emotionalreflection.com 

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