Permission to Dream

To dream. To imagine.  To envision.  To allow one’s self a moment of reflection.  To see.  To inwardly conjure, assess and feel the ways Life may Become, based solely on that which is most desired.  This is typically a default practice when were children.  We allow ourselves to toy with ideas of creating a Life, a home, relationships.  Ideas of traveling to distant places, seeing and dialoging with Being of all different types.  Ideas of traveling through time, upon rainbows, through electric portals, all for the sake of experience, enjoyment, and excitement at the thought of what might Become, as we allow.

In one way or another, this practice becomes less and less as we yield to the structures and stresses of a society whose standard, we’re convinced, must be adhered to.  We somehow neglect this practice of dreaming.  We neglect to realize how dreaming serves as the cauldron wherein our desires are alchemized with the heart, and drawn into physical manifestation.

Failure to dream, is failure to create in a way that adds magic, excitement and joy to life.  Failure to dream leaves one susceptible to creation based solely on that which is seen, experienced, or demanded by the external world.  And this really isn’t creation at all, but rather adherence to patterning which keeps one trapped in cycles of repetition.

To break free of that which has become.  To intentionally create the experience desired.  We must have the willingness to allow ourselves the space to dream.


As you prepare to engage with the video embedded below…

With a deep, slow intentional breath, allow yourself to settle into a place of comfort, such that you might have the openness to receive with clarity that which we offer. And upon completion, another deeply centering breath to integrate what has been seen, heard, and recalled, according to the will of your own Divine Evolution and Well-being.

Be still and know.
Be silent and remember.



About Angela (Andena) Anderson

Angela (Andena) Anderson lives her truth, being Soul Integrated and Embodied, in such a way as to trigger within those ready to receive, an experience which will spark awareness of the Innate Truth of our collective being as extension of the Divine Source of all Creation in manifest physical form. This experience may come in the form of, but is by no means limited to, media, song, words, thought, frequency, energy, art, video, books, discussions, plays, play and shared experiential wisdom, as inspired from her fullest, most authentic, Divine expression of Self. With Love, is there offered a many-fold experience within the Frequency which flows through Angela (Andena). By allowing the Self to feel, at every level, those in receipt of this Frequency will be moved to remembrance of their own Truth of Being, facilitating greater depth of Awareness and Expression, fully Embodying The Divine in Form.

To this end, Angela (Andena) serves as Kundalini Activator, Shaman, and Channel of the Energy of Oneness, through her company Oneness Works, LLC., where she also provides private, personal or group sessions. Angela (Andena) is Co-Host of the sensational Youtube show, 3rd Eye Salon, which serves as an avenue to discuss metaphysics, the esoteric, ufos, and, many other topics the mainstream would classify as paranormal. And she is also Content Creator for 13 Moons Magazine, an online media content stream designed to give intuitive creators an avenue to ‘share their medicine’, while giving voice to all that is of the Divine Feminine.

Angela (Andena) plays the role of wife to a loving husband and mother to two wonderful children, and a cat. All of whom serve as perfect mirrors in her experience, enabling incessant enjoyment, along with a few challenges, all in the interest of her highest good and evolution. 🙂

Prior to 2022, Angela spent nearly 20 years in the corporate world employed as a Software Engineer for four different Fortune 500 companies. With a passion for health and well-being, Angela also spent several years working as a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise. She now spends her free time with one of many hobbies, including reading, wellness, enjoying nature, creating beautiful works of art, and building her own custom motorcycles.

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