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Ruler of the Universe:

on Change & Disruption

“Some moments will feel as though the world is crumbling beneath you, but there, dear – in that openness, is where the new world is built.”


Welcome to Aquarius season, the Visionary time; the final air sign in our journey across the Zodiac. We start off this season strong with our Dark Moon in Aquarius on January 21st. 

Like all air signs, Aquariuses are marked by a breath of intelligence, curiosity, and wit. Air signs are usually quick on their feet, as often – they’re more worried about standing still… just as the breeze never settles, neither do Air signs… 

This flowy, air energy may accelerate your relationship to time over the next month, though coming out of the slow, dependable, cardinal Capricorn might make the fixed air of Aquarius seem more like a bursting cold front than a breath of fresh air. 

This is by design. 


Aquarius is very different from the other air signs by nature of its’ ruler, Uranus. The mythology beyond this planet comes from the ancient Greek sky God + Ruler of the Universe, Ouranos. 

Uranus is thought to be the creator of the Heavens and Sky, a primordial deity also known for the birth of the twelve Titans – he is the first father of experience. While being a grand creator I will point out, part of this lore includes a few indecent offspring, and a subsequent banishment of said offspring to the underworld. 

To put it lightly, a creator fit to bring Change & Disruption


Uranus embodies these qualities in remaining unexpected + unconventional. Aquarius is here to usher in the new, meld with Mother Earth, and birth the whole goddamn sky. 

Change is effortless, inevitable, ceaseless – without judgement.

Change is new life. Rebirth. A fundamental symbol of the Great Mother. 

Learn to embrace lady change with open arms


This swilling air can set some on their sales and others – unsteady in their footing… 

Aquarians are our biggest advocates, protestors; those not only ready but impassioned to break the system; change the next generation; do the daring thing. They are disruptive by nature but backed by intellectual and communicative minds; very capable of producing meaningful chaos


“I found meaning in the middle of chaos… 

I think that’s my biggest skill: 

I get swept up by a tornado, 

and make it to the Eye 

every goddamn time.”

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Published by Ani Khēmeia

Ani here, founder + lead photographer for Alchemy of Hearts; Creative Director, Coordinator and Dark Moon editor for 13Moons Magazine. Through workshops, writings, photography, & more – I’m here to facilitate the raw and intense awakening associated with Alchemy.Whether we meet traversing Mother Earth, virtually, or in Spirit – know I am here to be – rather than heal, guide, support. My foundations are rooted in the Truth that there is no one, dead or alive, who requires anything outside the Self to be utterly complete, healed, & worthy.

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