Do you ever wonder why those of us with a womb bleed every month? We’ve come to understand that we get a period every month so we know we aren’t pregnant. But then what about those who get pregnant without ever bleeding? What about all the other things in our life connected to our monthly cycle? Like why do our cycles sync with different moon phases? What is the relevance to the 13 moon cycle that many cultures followed?

All of these answers can be found interwoven through our lives. From the retelling of stories and people planting seeds in a variety of ways. But growing up in a Christian household, one thing in particular always stood out to me and stuck with me even when I shunned it. That thing was religion.

Once upon a time the bible was written. With it came Adam and Eve’s story. Part of the retelling goes something like this: Adam and Eve eat the forbidden apple. When they come to earth, Eve’s “punishment” was that she “cursed” generations of people with wombs. This curse would be later called a menstrual cycle.

There are many interpretations of what eating the forbidden fruit symbolized. For many it was not literal, but one thing is for certain that humanity was changed forever. Perhaps that’s where Lilith comes in, the shadow side of Eve. She was said to have left heaven to be free and Eve was created for Adam.

What if the woman, who was Lilith, really suppressed her darkness to appease the men in her life. With that came consequences for generations to come that show up today in different ways. Many of us are in an internal battle between these sides of us, when in essence, we need to tune into both. And in doing so, we remember this cycle that brings us into balance.

There are so many emotions around this cycle, varying from person to person. When you really look at it holistically, you begin to realize that everyone follows this cycle, not just those with a visible womb. For the masculine they learn to tap in to and balance their feminine with their masculine. For the feminine we learn to do the same. Though for some of us, we have been more in our masculine forgetting balance, and for others the opposite.

Some absolutely love their cycle and have come to do absolute magick with it. While others believe it to be a curse or a huge inconvenience. I was among the latter and then recently I started actually wanting to see the blood come. I began to get happy seeing the blood finally. This came after realizing I had a lot of womb and yoni healing to do. These yearnings to finally be on my period, I realized came towards the end of my cycle. When my period was about due to begin.

I began to connect the fact that what was referred to as PMS (pre menstrual symptoms), the mood swings and all, was shadow work waiting to be done. For those that don’t know, shadow work is uncovering all the things you’ve hidden or suppressed about yourself. It’s done on your healing journey so that you can be at peace with the darkness of you. The parts that don’t serve your highest good are the things that are changed. At the end of it comes integration, where sometimes that old part of you is gone, or you embrace who you are. Both times you become new.

So when this shadow work process happens in the middle of my cycle, I come to know that at the end I would have at the very least learned something new about my life. At the very most, I would be reborn after my cycle starts again. The blood, a signifier that I have released trauma or shed parts of me that could not come with me on my journey. The parts of me that helped me while I was navigating life, that got me this far. But my new life called for a new version of me. One that did not need to be in survivor mode, one that didn’t need to close off my heart, one that didn’t need to hide. One that could be free to be me.

So now with the increasing rise of the divine feminine, and with this collective message that keeps coming up, I had to do some deep reflection. This womb healing and heart opening experience that is life, is also a clearing of trauma that has been held onto for as long as we can remember. The retelling that many of us were told, was a remembrance, a reminder to figure out the why. To remember how we can heal. Some of us have found this connection to our cycle to be helpful in this work, while for others it may look completely different. One thing I do know is that we are all remembering and were are all healing. And as we do, the divine feminine continues rising and in turn so does the divine masculine.

Published by Sarah the Goddess

Sarah the Goddess is an Intuitive Creative, Intuitive Coach, empath, natural energy healer, and intuitive herbalist. She is very passionate about guiding others in remembering and tapping back into their power to be the God(dess) that they are. She does this through her writing, singing, dancing, music, art, and her coaching. Through these mediums she is able to go into Trance and tune deeper into herself, the universe, and the world around her, as well as share messages for others.Through her own healing journey, Intuitive Creative Expressions was born. She holds space for spiritual creatives and those interested in creating as a healing modality to authentically express all of their emotions. She guides people through this process through creativity, emotional alchemy, and healing tools such as meditation, shadow work, inner child work, and Past Impact Work©.

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