How to Combat Change and Disruption 

“As exhausting as life is, it’s also a beautiful thing. Every day is a day to start over. Change and disruption will come. To fight a negative, you will need a positive.”

Life – when you think about life what comes to mind? When I hear the word life, I get the urge to take a deep breath. As I breathe in, various memories flash before my eyes and as I breathe out, I release exhaustion. Who knew adulting could be this demanding! 


As you go through life there will be highs and there will be lows, but change is inevitable. Who really likes change, unless you’re going from broke to rich, change can cause some disruptions to your equilibrium. This 5-minute read will give you three ways to cope through disruptions and change in your life. I am not a therapist. This is supposed to be fun and taken lightly. 


  • As a woman one of the major ways to throw off our equilibrium is LOVE! We love to give and receive love. We love when our love life is in sync with our emotions. Life feels like a free meal that you didn’t have to cook nor wash the dishes. Imagine dropping the meal on the ground before you make it to the table to eat. In a mild manner that’s what disruption in your love life feels like. NOBODY LIKES DISRUPTIONS IN THEIR LOVE LIFE. 


Even though heartache is painful but holding in that pain hurts. When going through disruptions in your love life, spend time with family and friends. Being around people that make you laugh, and smile will either help you get rid of your lover or give reason to keep loving them. If you have no friends, watch comedy. Laughter is the kryptonite of sadness. 


  • Money! They say money can’t buy you happiness, but it can get you close to it. In today’s economy, money can be scarce due to the rise in everything. Literally everything, eggs are five dollars. Anyway, we all have to change our spending habits.


One way to have more cash throughout the month is to create a budget. Creating the budget is the easy part, sticking to it takes discipline. Come up with a way to reward yourself for saving and sticking to your budget.  If you are struggling with your credit, Self is a credit app that will help you save and build your credit. 


  • Kids are not necessarily disruptors of our lives, but they do change them. This change doesn’t apply to all, but it does apply to many women. Once you become a mother a small piece of you becomes dormant. Raising children is a challenge but finding yourself again is an even bigger challenge. How do you get that sexy back? 


Self-care will help you connect with yourself again. Self-care can look different depending on the person. Try to find twenty minutes to do whatever it is that you enjoy. Also put some lotion on! Just because the kids are shining in Vaseline that does not mean you neglect your beautiful skin. Sexy will come but you have to connect with yourself first. That takes time, so be compassionate to yourself. 


As exhausting as life is, it’s also a beautiful thing. Every day is a day to start over. Change and disruption will come. To fight a negative, you will need a positive. Build up your positivity bank and drag those disruptors by the ponytail. Not the kids but all the other ones. 

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by new 13MOONS Magazine Creator: Mary Baker

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