She rises from the depths, once again with a piece of herself, discovered.
She has clawed her way here, claiming her place among the divine power
of her lineage, calling her power back from the depths.

She, born of both earth and sky, is bright and shines for the ones around her.
She is connected to the ancient power of the stars and channels it with the groundedness of earth.

Be here now, my child. Let me hold you, the divine mother asks, she longs to wrap you in her love and presence, as you allow yourself to heal, expand and grow roots, to anchor you into all you contain.

For this, in the now, is where you bloom, in this time, you hold all the wisdom
of the before and all the things you have forgotten, they wait for you now to claim.

Rise, my beloved one, burn off the chains this world has placed on you, for you were birthed with intention and sacredness.

Rest in the knowing of she who is within you, for you are here to be seen, to be known, to be witnessed, to be beheld, to shine your brilliance for all to know the depths of wisdom and creativity in the divine power of the feminine.

For you, are a once in a lifetime cosmic event, a heavenly body who came to earth, with her own unique medicine, for this time, for this place.

I know you fear this power, this presence seems overwhelming to you with it’s vast depths, for parts of you have forgotten that you are a vessel, a bridge, a channel for the divine power that runs through your linage, through your blood.

Ground in, allow yourself to be HELD by those who came before you, and you will find it easier to connect to all that is within you, for you are meant to tethered into the space between earth and sky, a conduit of knowing.

All can not be contained in your body or in your mind and as you breathe into the space between, you will expand at your own pace, for you are in charge of the flow, for you are the master of your fate,
you call forth what you seek.

Declare it. Claim it.                     

Remember. Remember. Remember. Breathe and be here. Present. Intentional. You are allowed to take up space, to be bold and big.

You were never too much, you are so much more than the words you were told. Trust in yourself, in your inner child and ancient crone, in your body
and your knowing, for they will lead you back to who you are, beneath all the layers of filth that longs to cover you in the haziness of illusion and confusion.

For you, are a starflower, made of earth, fire, water and sky and your light shines bright for all to see.

We, the ancestors, the guides, we welcome you, to come home to your knowing and want you to know that you are not alone in this journey.

We long for you to ask for our guidance, to help you birth forth this brilliance. Let us be your midwives through this transition, for soon, this shall pass, and you will be more ease in your mind and body, for you are no longer living in this false reality that your were born into, but the one that exists far beyond,
the knowing without knowing.

As you embrace your knowing and trust in yourself, you will watch as the life you have longed for and dreamed of,
is crafted by you. As you show up, again and again, you create life as you chose your knowing above the voices of others.

For only you know what you need,
for only you know how to honor her.

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