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Titan of the Sea:

on Mystery & Illusion

“We have to stop and be humble enough to understand 

that there is something called mystery.”

-Paulo Coelho


Welcome to Pisces season, the Mystical time; the final stop in our journey across the Zodiac. We start off this season strong with our Dark Moon in Pisces on February 20th. 

Like all water signs, Pisces are known to be highly sensitive and emotional. Though this isn’t the bad, or other-worldly unattainable thing people make it out to be. Water signs often work first on intuition alone, they are often (less so with Scorpio), internal creatures, forming a lot of their experience internally, and I don’t mean from the mind like Virgo’s or Libra’s, but from a deeper, more intricate place. This develops over a time a deepening trust in their emotions and insights, but that’s truly the crux of it. 

If you want to be intuitive like Pisces, follow the internal currents. Trust will naturally develop when you find yourself aligned with the outcomes, which will in turn allow quieter & vaguer messages to come with greater clarity. 

This is the great skill of Pisces, sitting at the end of our Journey, having been guided by all that has come before, here we can simply Feel our way through, right up until the end. 

This is by design. 


Pisces is very different from the other water signs by nature of its’ ruler, Neptune. The mythology beyond this planet comes from the ancient God of the Sea, in Latin we call him Neptune, but in ancient Greece he was revered as Poseidon. 

Neptune, thought to have taken rule of the Sea, along with freshwater and even cavern pools, after defeating the Titans in battle – finds it’s deep mysticism in ruling the ocean floor. Traversing waves, not everything is as it appears below the surface… and Neptune rules those waters. 

To put it lightly, a God well aware of Illusion & Disruption


Pisces embodies Mystery just as the sea embodies the unknown. There is not yearning for mystery or searching in the heart of Pisces, only present awareness of the grand and perpetual mystery of life. Pisces, at the end of our celestial journey through the zodiac, is not naive in thinking it’s seen it all. Pisces sees more than ever the mystical intwinement of it all. 


The thing that leaves people feeling scared, uncertain and generally overwhelmed in the deep Piscean sea is the capacity at which the mystery can become the illusion.  There is a certain level of perceptive awareness required to fully surrender to the deep mysteries of life. It is not that Pisces are any more capable of seeing past the illusions to the meaning – but that they have become well tuned to the art of Knowing through Feeling. 

This is something everyone has the capacity to master but that Pisces, through their abrupt entering in the deepest, darkest channels of existence, have come to Feel intrinsically. 


“The greatest illusion is that there is any separateness between you and I. The greatest mystery is how to un-cast that veil.”

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