From DOing to BEing

To live a soft life, we have to step out of the masculine mindset of DOing for everything.

We only must BECOME the magnet of whatever it is we Desire.

First: we must know our Desires.

Seems simple, but most of us are too buried in culture, conditioning, and coping to really know what we most authentically and deeply Desire.

Therefore, this is a practice of retraining our attention from external inputs about who we should and are supposed to be, onto our own inner wisdom, the wisdom of our bodies, our Womb, our 😻

The Ancestors knew this was the true WAY, the bridge to our Ancestral knowledge and even the wisdom of the cosmos, and in losing our WAY, we are susceptible to theirs – all the many theys it is out here telling us who we are and what we’re supposed to do with our bodies, our lives, our children, etc etc.

To cut beneath the conditioning and trauma, we have to learn how to hear and heed the wisdom of our bodies. And for most women, this first requires layers of womb clearing to Remember that which is beneath the bs. The true voice underneath it all.

The first question to initiate into this journey is simple.

Ask yourself: What do I Desire?

Then actually listen to what comes in the moment, as well as the days and weeks to come.

Your Womb will calibrate to this question – if you ask with true Desire to know – and will guide you to the answers. These may come in the form of realizations, experiences, songs on your playlist, memories, new or rekindled connections, conversations, the animal world, or so many other synchronicities.

This is how womb orchestrates in her magnetic nature; her energy is not limited to what is contained within our bodies, because we are a part of all, and womb is what connects us.

She is the water, the blood, the web that keeps us as One, and this is how we can magic anything to us by working with her connective energy.

When we pluck the web where we lay – by knowing and expressing our Desires, for example – we have infinite reach across the wombweb of our diverse multiverse.

And it is our Desire which defines our magnetic nature to Receive.

What do YOU Desire?
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