listen...     i’ve got a bone to pick with You. you created me. this passionate-strong-intelligent-fully-loving-jump-two-feet-in-not-to-be-fucked-with Phoenix of a Woman on this earth, but let me get in my own way. what good is being a free spirit in a timeline so dense with bullshit rules that make it impossible to roam freely, safely? what good …

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Published by Toni Moné

Toni Moné is a Writer and a certified Spiritual & Life Coach, with an interest in Human Design & Astrology. She is here to activate others,  shift perspectives, and tug at heartstrings. She continues to seek ways to combine her enthusiasm for writing with her passion for serving others, and has done this through her online column - Dear Sistar: My Love Letter to the Awakening Woman,  as well as through her creative writing. Her mission is to guide Women and support them as they awaken to their divine natures, learn to embrace their radical truths, express their unique dualities, and create their personal journeys to freedom.Connect wit Toni on IG: @tonishamone or email: