Encourageon Passion & CourageBy: Ani Khēmeia Self Portraits By Ani Lion Tamers (part 1)I am standing frankly, quite unaware of where I must be going. Yet, something inside of me yearns to linger forward - seemingly bit by bit, as if too, unraveling the destined map before my very steps.  I find it compelling enough, …

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Published by Ani Khēmeia

Ani here, founder + lead photographer for Alchemy of Hearts; Creative Director, Coordinator and Dark Moon editor for 13Moons Magazine. Through workshops, writings, photography, & more – I’m here to facilitate the raw and intense awakening associated with Alchemy.Whether we meet traversing Mother Earth, virtually, or in Spirit – know I am here to be – rather than heal, guide, support. My foundations are rooted in the Truth that there is no one, dead or alive, who requires anything outside the Self to be utterly complete, healed, & worthy.