“Speak of the type of courage that brings you to your knees”

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Published by Lady

Hi, you can call me Lady. If you must call me something that is. It can feel so strange to define oneself to this little box of words. I guess I could state that I am, along with many things, a yoga instructor. I find it so interesting the way we identify ourselves with titles and accomplishments.So hi again, I am simply human, and I am on an epic journey of discovering how to fully wrap my heart and soul around this wild, precious, and indefinitely fleeting existence. I hope the words I string together ever so carefully can find a way to make you feel something, anything, that makes you utterly and completely aware of the blood in your veins. That throbbing pulse that roots you in the presence of simply being...alive. I'm working on accepting my inevitable fate of experiencing the full spectrum of life, the good and the bad, and hoping to spread as much love as I can along the way.Namaste