It’s become so clear to me, through the cues of how my body responds to living grounded in this place, that a maturing is essential to creating women-centric communities. It must be done on the ground, in person, on the land, with women and girls. 

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Published by Sarah Lou

Sarah Lou (WolfMother) is passionate about reconnecting humanity, specifically women, to the body of the earth and their own living pelvis and sacred feminine/masculine polarity. She is a writer, publishing on her substack The SheWolf Pack, as well as a co-authored book called The Sacred Feminine.She's a doula, pelvic & abdominal bodyworker, vaginal steam facilitator, pelvic floor therapist, yoga teacher, menstrual cycle analyst, and infradian rhythm and cycle syncing guide. She leads retreats, workshops and mentorship groups for wildish women reclaiming reproductive, and sexual wellness, and she has a private bodywork practice in Traverse City Michigan. Programs she has created include The Infradian Year, The Pelvic Reset Movement Series, and The Sensual Body Reset Program.She lives on Anishinaabe land in Northwestern Lower Michigan.