Kami Seewald

I’m a 21 year old woman (a baby i know!) who resides in Muskegon MI. I was born into a christian and republican family which left me extremely indoctrinated for a lot of my adolescence and untimely forced me to repress all of my gifts. When I was an early teen I started questioning things. By that I mean I started questioning EVERYTHING, however I still wasn’t sold on the idea of anything spiritual and even became an atheist for a few years of my life. Fast Forward to just before my graduation from high school, I was extremely depressed, anxious severely suicidal and prone to self harm, add in living with an abusive parter and it felt like my life could never be a happy one. I met this woman by chance who identified as a psychic and I decided to go see if this could be a real thing as I was still extremely skeptical of it. Within minutes this woman changed my life. it was really like a flip switched and everything I had always been experiencing finally was making some sense. She showed me undoubtedly that she was the real deal and even explained how all of the science I loved and believed fully integrated and even proved a lot of spirituality. She taught me Reiki and spell work, how to channel, read tarot/pendulum and other forms of divination and I felt she really wanted me to succeed as a healer. She always always gave me the energy that showed she was going to empower me. However that all came crashing down when I spent all of my savings on a studio to start practicing on others, suddenly her energy switched and she was saying terrible things to me and because I respected her so much (too much) I believed what she was saying was true. Now I see that came from a place of feeling threatened by me on a subconscious level and have been able to stop internalizing that while still keeping the good information I learned from her and weeding out the bullshit. With the help of Astara in the initial fallout i learned my magick didn’t come from what this woman was saying to or about me. It ALWAYS came from me. I’ve learned to trust my own inner knowing and every part of my practice has gotten better for it. Yes the purge was hard but the expansion I gained from it gives me goosebumps to think about. I’m currently an Energy Therapist/Healer who offers a multitude of different healing modalities to help various emotional and physical ailments in people like myself who’ve struggled throughout their lives. I specialize in body work and energy manipulation.