Kiara Faulkner-Ledger

Cookie Conjure & Biz LLC was Created & Founded by Kiara Faulkner-Ledger best known as Lavish. Her passion behind women, sex, sensuality, spirituality and overall FREEDOM OF SELF is the driving force behind the Magick & Conjure... The Ashe that is Cookie Conjure & Biz. She helps many activate the womb space, tap into their Universal given right as Creatrixes & Creators, she heals through energy work/divine messages through layers of divination, mentorship, conjuring and provides those who aligns with her voice the tools necessary to evolve and elevate with Power regardless of the fear that is present. This all began because of her own journey with healing her own womb space and tapping more deeper into her divine birth power and right as A Divine Feminine. Aligning with what Femininity looks like for her. Lavish is a self published author of the book “Order of the Phoenix... Enter if you dare” under the pen name of Kiara “Ethereal” Faulkner and is certified as a Medium, a Usui reiki healer, a shaman & a spiritual coach. Being in connection with Lavish and CCB llc is where all The Keys & Sweetness you need for sovereignty can be found and applied to your life for Greatness & Powerful Manifestations, Evolution and Ascension.