Monique Ana

Monique Ana worked to heal the trauma of being born/raised in the Children of God, an international cult, the eldest of 13 siblings. Leaving the cult at 19 years old, with her two-week old baby girl, she immediately started on an education, therapy programs and self-care path. She worked for 17 years in the biopharmaceutical industry & graduated from University Of Redlands. In 2014, Monique Ana began launching entrepreneurial businesses and philanthropic programs, seeking to assist others on their own path out of exploitation. She maintains her HHP credentials for Hypnotherapy & a Master in Reiki with the International Board of Coaches & Practitioners (IBPC). Monique Ana is the Founder and Executive Director of Victory Garden Sanctuary, a 501c3 providing opportunities for healing for those escaping human trafficking, domestic violence and cults. She knows this formula will help survivors access their own internal guidance system, so they begin to gain clarity on their personal paths towards freedom. She shares some information here with YOU!